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Two soldiers including a commander sacrifice their lives to save their wounded comrade in Marawi City

Captain Rommel “Daredevil” Sandoval. He is the commander of the 11th Scout Ranger Company in Marawi City and led his group to rescue his comrade and bravely sacrificed his life to prevent another casualty from his men. He was the first casualty from his company.

September 10, 2017, the 11th Scout Ranger Company soldiers led by Captain Rommel “Daredevil” Sandoval were already on the second floor of the building they raided when they planned to save Corporal Jayson Mante. Five bullets and a grenade explosion from the Maute Terrorist Group left Corporal Mante wounded. He got stuck on the first floor of the building. Captain Sandoval decided to save him and was accompanied by Private First Class Sherwin Canapi. He asked his remaining men to cover for them.

The Rescue Mission

I-cover fire niyo ako!” (Cover me!) Capt. Sandoval said before he started his mission together with Private Canapi. They successfully reached the location of Corporal Mante and confirmed that he’s still alive. However, several Maute terrorists located them and led to an inevitable battle.

They tried to fight back, but unfortunately, a bullet hit Captain Sandoval’s cheek that resulted to his death. Meanwhile, Private Canapi also got fatally wounded and killed during the mission.

Private First Class Sherwin Canapi. His companions describe him as a ‘talented person.’ He knew how to paint, write songs, talented in sports and good in writing reports.

Naabutan pa niya ang tao niya (Corporal Mante) at nakunan ng pulso. Kaso inabangan siya ng maraming ISIS at binaril una sa tagiliran. Kahit na dalawa lang sila, naka fire back pa [sila] sa mga bumabaril sa kanila. Kaso fatal ang sunod na tama ni Captain Sandoval sa pisngi,” Scout Ranger Books Facebook Page said in their Facebook post.

Translation: He was able to find [Corporal Maute] alive with a pulse. Unfortunately, a lot of the ISIS saw and waited for them. They hit him at his side. Even though it was just the two of them [in the scene], they were able to fire back at the enemies. But the next hit at Captain Sandoval’s cheek was fatal.

These two brave soldiers died in battle, but they have successfully saved the life of Corporal Mante, who’s now being treated in a hospital.

Scout Ranger Books compared the story of Captain Sandoval to the famous war movie “Saving Private Ryan” where the lead character died rescuing his comrade.

Last September 13, President Rodrigo Duterte visited the wake of soldiers Captain Sandoval and Private Canapi to honor them personally.

Leave No Man Behind

Sources: Scout Ranger Books and Pinoy Trending Philippines


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