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Lechon, A Popular Dish Of Filipinos

Lechon, A Popular Dish Of Filipinos | BayanMall


Lechon is a pork dish. It is cooked by roasting it whole over a charcoal. But of course, the entrails are removed. Then, season it and put it on a large stick. After that,  it will be skewed entirely. Now, it is ready to be cooked. It will be roasted for several hours.

It is a popular food in the Philippines. It is served and prepared during special occasions, fiestas, and holidays in our country. It is usually highlighted by decorating it with an apple in its mouth.


What makes it a popular is because of it’s one of the many cuisines that can be recycled into another dish. Leftover lechon is easily recycled into another dish. It can be cooked again as “paksiw na lechon“. It can be done by boiling it in vinegar.

Luckily, Bayan Mall offers this kind of product. What makes it amazing is that no other online store in the Philippines  caters this as a sale. The prices are between Php 5,500.00 – Php 8,800.00. This is, also according to its sizes which are large, medium, and small. So it’s really up to you what you sizes you prefer. Also,the prices of lechon is dependable on the location of the buyer. There is no problem whether you are from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. It could definitely reach to you because Lechon is for delivery or pick-up nationwide.

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Bayan Mall assures you of the crispness of the Lechon. Take note also the golden brown color and the moist of it. The saltiness of the lechon is in the right amount. The meat is tender, less oily, and rubbery.

What are you waiting for try and grab the lechon in Bayan Mall. Buy it and send it to your loved ones. They will surely like it as they celebrate their birthdays, anniversary, and so on. They will just feel like you are just around in their side as you work abroad.

Lechon, A Popular Dish Of Filipinos | BayanMall



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