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Happy Father’s Day!


He is the pillar of the home. He is the provider and protector. He is a friend. He is your father.

Fatherhood, alongside motherhood, is one of the noblest of all callings. It is an opportunity to give more and do more for others. It is a privilege to learn more of sacrifice and love and concern for others. It’s a good thing that we have Father’s Day – a yearly reminder for appreciating these superheroes of our lives. With that said, what is your best memory of your dad?

“He brought me food at school. He never hit me at all despite my stubbornness as a child.” —Hollie V.

“He always believed in me, and he always said that to me. “Even if I’m not your biological papa, I will always be your real papa. You are a blessing to us like the rain. That’s why you’re called Rain,” he said.” —Vanessa Rain E.

“He always carried me when I was a child. He is a hardworking man. I have six siblings and he did everything to get all of us an education and provide for our necessities. He also loved to sing to me before tucking us to bed. He would compose a song right on-the-spot with my name on the lyrics.” —Mia M.

“Our education was more important to him than anything. Even when he got sick and bedridden, his dream for us didn’t fade. He cheered us on and chose to invest all of his money on us than use it to make himself well.” —Rose G.

“He was our alarm clock. Getting out of bed is probably one of the greatest challenges in life. When Mom’s voice seemed not to make a sound in our sleepy minds, Dad would sneak in and give us the most intensifying tickles of our lives. He is also our table tennis coach. Sometimes, we would use our little storybooks as a net and our dinner table for equipment. The picture of our happy faces while playing table tennis and our Mom’s frown in opposition of the use of the table is still vivid in my mind.” —John C.

“Dad is more of a friend. He listens and is open to talk about anything, and it’s really cool.” —Liz V.

How about you? What is your best memory of your dad?

For a child, Father’s Day isn’t just all about giving Dad a gift. It is about recognizing the gift of caring that fathers express when they work to provide food on the table, teach their child to tie his/her shoes, cheer at a sports game, smile proudly at a graduation, give their daughter’s hand in marriage, chuckle with a grandchild, and most importantly, act as a channel for God’s love to flow through them into the lives of their children.

For a father, Father’s Day isn’t so much about earning the praises of a job well done (even though they may be well deserved!), but about giving thanks for the opportunity to give and take care of other people. The actual expression of love is the greatest gift that a father could give to his children. A hug may seem to be just a hug, but it could mean everything to a child.

So, this Father’s Day, take time to appreciate more of what our fathers have done and been doing for us. Think of ways to make your bond with him stronger day by day. Happy Father’s Day to your Dad!

P.S. Father’s Day is on June 19 this year! Planning to send gifts to your dad here in the Philippines? Try these ideas, CLICK HERE.


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