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Featured Product: Groceries

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Most Filipinos who decide to work abroad are driven by their desire to provide for their family’s necessities. They either can’t find a stable job or has one but doesn’t have the capacity to fully sustain their everyday needs. It’s already hard to be away from home, and it would be much harder if their hard-earned money will not be used for what it’s meant for. And so, when we plan for budgeting our money, groceries should always be the number 1 on the list.

Here at BayanMall Online Shopping, we give you access to thousands of products you can choose from that you can find in your supermarket – from rice to fresh goods such as vegetables, fruits, and meat, down to cereals, canned goods, cleaning products, pet care, and even your baby’s needs! All these and more can be delivered door-to-door to your loved ones anywhere in the Philippines with just a few taps of your fingers on your phone. They don’t need to go out to buy them! Easy and convenient, huh?

So, here’s a summary of what you can find on BayanMall’s grocery list. Clicking on the object will take you to that category under Groceries.

Baby-Products BeverageCanned-GoodsCereals-OatsCleaning-ProductsCooking-And-Baking





















BayanMall Online Shopping. Malayo ka man, kapiling pa rin.

BayanMall also offers a lot more than just groceries! If you have any inquiries about these items or about BayanMall Online Shopping, please feel free to contact us. Just CLICK HERE, or visit our website at BayanMall.com. SHOP NOW!



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