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Palawan, The Best Island In The World

Palawan, The Best Island In The World | BayanMall


The Conde Nast Traveler (CNT) conducted their 28th annual Readers’ Choice Awards. CNT is an award-winning US travel magazine. I’m certain that the Filipinos will be proud of the result. In their survey, Palawan earns the number one spot as the “Best Islands in the World”. Palawan gains a rating of 85.937. While Boracay and Cebu got the spot of fifteen and nineteen place with a rating of 80.856 and 80.404, respectively.


We all know that Palawan is the place where we can find the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River. It is one of the new seven natural wonders of the world. It is also considered as one of the longest passable underground rivers in the world. Its length is 8.2 kilometers. There are boat guides that will tour you. As you go inside the cave, you will witness the stalactites and stalagmites formed. It is already a second time of Palawan to be on top among other islands.


Boracay is called the White Beach of the Philippines. It is well known for its  powdery white sand. Of course, the water is  ideal for swimming and snorkeling. The White Beach is composed of three stations. Station 1 has the best and most expensive resorts and hotels where you could stay. Whereas, Station 2 is the place where people would eat, shop, and party. Finally, Station 3 is the quiet area where you can think and meditate if you want.

Cebu is one of the most developed provinces in the Philippines. It is the major crowded island in the Philippines. It is also famous for its beaches. Its city has lively bars, eateries and island-hopping opportunities. The place is good also for shopping. Cebu has white-sand beaches as well, which are good for diving. Beside that you can visit their Camotes Islands. What are you waiting for come and visit the Philippines and see it for yourself.

Palawan, The Best Island In The World | BayanMall

Vampire Diaries Season 7, Why Watch?

Vampire Diaries Season 7, Why Watch? | BayanMall

the vampire

We all know that “The Vampire Diaries” is an American supernatural-fantasy horror television series. The show is based on a book by L.J. Smith of the same name. It can be seen in The CW channel. Many are in love with the characters of Elena, Damon, Stefan, Caroline, Bonnie, Matt, and many more. Their villains are really hateable, who would forget how evil Kai is. I’m sure that just mentioning his name will make you curse and blame him of our dear Elena to sleep forever. Why should you continue to watch this show in their season 7?

elena gilbert sleeping

First, It’s because you are interested to find-out how the show will continue without the main character Elena Gilbert. I’m sure many are sad and cry to the farewell of Elena in the previous season. Truthfully, I could not accept it at first. I even ask myself, “why did they do that?”. It is not just and fair. If not for Elena, Damon and Stefan will not be back in Mystic Falls and others characters have a great bond with her. It’s just like they are all links to her. I know The Vampire Diaries season 7 will be okay without her. That’s why I am intrigued how this series will manage without a piece that connects all the characters.

vampire diaries loveteam

Second, It’s how they make their love team and love triangles mix up. First, we have Elena, Stefan, and Damon. Then, comes Katherine. Before, we have Caroline and Matt. The next thing, we have is Caroline and Tyler. Now, because Elena is gone, there is a possibility of (BaMon) Bonnie & Damon. I am still rooting for DElena (Damon & Elena). Well, obviously, SteLena (Stefan & Elena) is over and SteRoline (Stefan & Caroline) is rising up. Whatever couples, they form, our hearts melt and can’t keep smiling.

Vampire Diaries-Heretics

Lastly, It’s because of the hybrid concepts. Previously, we have a mixture of a vampire and a wolf, in person of Klaus Mikaelson. Currently, we have heretics, a witch and a vampire hybrid. These are Valerie, Nora, Mary Louise, Beau, and Malcolm. They are led by Lilian Salvatore with Enzo in their side. You’ll probably wonder how will Damon, Stefan, Bonnie, Caroline, and Matt defeat the heretics. They are so powerful. You should better watch them out. These are my reasons why you should watch the vampire diaries. How about you? What’s your reason?

Vampire Diaries Season 7, Why Watch? | BayanMall

Lie And Lying, Why Shall Not Do?

Lie And Lying, Why Shall Not Do? | BayanMall

the boy who cried wolf-lie

One of the fable of Aesop is the story entitled “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”. It is a tale about a shepherd boy who make fun of the villagers. He tells them that there is a wolf who pursue the sheep. The third time he shouts, nobody believes in him. Because of what he did, an English idiom came out. Today, “to cry wolf” means “to give a false alarm”. Basically, from this story, we can get a moral not to lie. Why should we not lie? I’ll present my reasons by using the fable.


One and obviously, you can hurt others feelings. Like the villagers of the story, they went complaining and disciplining the boy to not frighten them by telling there is a wolf. We can imagine them that they are disappointed with the boy and, of course, angry with him. The boy just wasted the time and effort of the people to try to help him. Worst, it shows that the boy is disrespecting the villagers. Next time when you lie, think of what will happen to the people that surround you? By doing this, you can avoid lying and prevent the damage of your bad action.

addicted to lying or lie

Two, you will become addicted to lying. At first, you will feel good in doing so. Like the shepherd boy, he finds it very amusing in tricking the villagers. That is why he is tempted to do it again. In short, telling a lie will lead you to another lie. It becomes now a part of you just like an addictive substances influence us. As you do it often, it will be hard to break.

lie result to not trust anymore

Lastly, they will not trust you anymore. This is the hurtful part of the consequence of being a liar. Like the boy at the end of the story, nobody comes to rescue the sheep. Why? Because they don’t trust him anymore, even though he tells the truth. Do you want this to happen to you? Then, stop lying! This can break friendship and relationship with your loved ones. May we have the courage to tell the truth always.

Lie And Lying, Why Shall Not Do? | BayanMall

Brian Viloria Thinking About His Future

Brian Viloria Thinking About His Future | BayanMall

brian viloria with manny pacquiao

Beside Manny Pacquiao, Brian Viloria is another well known boxer cheered by the Filipinos. He is a Filipino-American professional boxer. He is a previous WBA and WBO unified Flyweight Champion. Also, Brian Viloria is a former WBC and IBF Light Flyweight Champion. He is labeled as “The Hawaiian Punch”.

brian viloria with roman

On October, 17 2015, Saturday, Brian Viloria faced Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez. Roman Gonzalez was from Nicaragua. They both fight for WBC World flyweight title. It was held at Madison Square Garden, New York. Unexpectedly, Viloria was defeated. This is the fifth lost Brian Viloria had in his entire boxing career. Before, he was beaten by Omar Niño Romero, Edgar Sosa, Carlos Tamara, and Juan Francisco Estrada. It was just Carlos Tamara, who came from Colombia and the other three are Mexicans.During that time they are fighting for a WBC Light Flyweight title, IBF Light Flyweight title, and Lost WBO & WBA (Super) Flyweight titles respectively.


Actually, it was a technical knockout loss to Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez. During the ninth-round, referee Benjy Esteves stops the fight because Gonzalez release a strong combination punch along the ropes. But before that, Viloria gave a left hook punch to the body of Gonzalez. It was also noted that on the third round, Brian Viloria was knocked down for the first time in his career. Viloria admitted that it was his fault why the referee halt the fight. According to him, he could throw back some punches, but he did not respond to the attack of Gonzalez.


Now, it was rumored that Brian Viloria is thinking about his future. He says, it is not just in the sport of boxing, but in his life in general as well. But whatever his decision is, I know Filipinos are still proud of him. They had witnessed his determination and courage in his every fight. That is why, they still salute him.

Brian Viloria Thinking About His Future | BayanMall

Forgiveness, Why Forgive?

Forgiveness, Why Forgive? | BayanMall

To forgive is a very hard thing to do. It cannot be done in just one night and when you wake up, it is all gone. Many people struggle to do this action. That’s why I came upon a realization the need to forgive. In other words, I’ll show to you the importance of forgiveness. I’ll do it by putting my top five quotes of forgiveness.

First, “to forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.” This is from Lewis B. Smedes. Keeping our anger and hate towards others is like locking up ourself in a prison cell. At first, we don’t realize this, but hopefully at the end, we will come up to this point. But, what if not? Because you are just too hard headed and always pity yourself. Well, just picture out the condition of the prisoner. Isn’t good? Do you really want to stay in jail? Of course, you will not. So, better free yourself by forgiving and you will feel relief.


Two, “forgiveness is a virtue of the brave.” This came from Indira Gandhi. We always think that when we forgive, we are weak and we lose the battle to our enemy. But let me tell you, the truth is you are not. You are strong, my dear, when you forgive someone. Why? Because it takes courage to do so. When we say courage, this belong to persons who are strong. Remember, the weak can never forgive. I know that you don’t want to be called as such. Next time, be the first to do it.


Three, “forgiveness is the final form of love.” This is said by Reinhold Niebuhr. When you don’t forgive, you are depriving yourself of loving that person. Bear in mind to always love your enemy. Instead of hating him, find reasons why you should love that person. Even though it seems that person is so wicked, there are still kindness and goodness in him. All you have to do is find and dig it. In the end, you’ll find that person lovable.


Fourth, “forgotten is forgiven.” This is stated by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It’s like another way of saying, “forgive and forget”. When you forgive, you are willing to forget the bad deed that he had done to you. Bring it up, will not do good for you. You’ll start again hurting yourself and hating that person. I know you are in the process to forget. To become better with this, all you have to do is make a memorable moment with him. Include him in your party and celebration.


Fifth, “inner peace can be reached only when we practice forgiveness. Forgiveness is letting go of the past, and is therefore the means for correcting our misperceptions.” This is expressed by Gerald Jampolsky. The main and important reason why we should forgive is for us to have peace. You’ll never get this if you will not forgive. Having peace is inviting happiness as well in your life. Don’t hold grudges anymore and you’ll find yourself being grateful at all times.

Forgiveness, Why Forgive? | BayanMall

Calamansi, Small But Great

Calamansi, Small But Great | BayanMall

If you are a Filipino, you would know what a calamansi is. You probably use it as your flavor enhancer in your food, especially in making a sauce. More than any ever, you make it as one of drinks called calamansi juice. In another country, calamansi is known as calamondin. We can call it simply as lime or Philippine lime to be precise. It is a small citrus fruit. Its skin and flesh is colored green color. It tastes sour, mostly and sometimes sweet. What makes this fruit remarkable is that in spite of its size, it has a huge benefit.

calamansi juice

Like any other citrus fruit, calamansi has Vitamin C or ascorbic acid. It keeps your body from common colds and cough. All you have to do is slice it into halves. Then, squeeze it into a glass of water. Add sugar or honey if you like and drink it. It also helps prevent tooth decay and bleeding gums. Plus, it strengthens your teeth and other bones of your body.

Calamansi can whiten your skins. After cutting the calamansi into two, just rub it to your face and body. Do this for 5 to 10 minutes, twice a week. It can also be used as your deodorizer. This can be done in two ways. First, extract the calamansi into your bathing pail of water. The other one is to apply it directly to your armpits. By doing this, you remove the bad odor and bleach as well your armpits.

It is a good medicine. When you are bitten by an insect, all you have to do is to apply its juice and massage it to the affected area. This can provide comfort and ease the itch. When having constipation, you can drink the warm water to mix of juice calamansi. Be sure to drink it first in the morning. Also, if you have sore eyes, you can make it as your eye drops. Just mix the calamansi juice with warm water. You see, this small fruit can do great things. Luckily, it can be bought cheaply and can be found in your own backyards and your neighbors as well.

Calamansi, Small But Great | BayanMall

Sewing And Its Advantages

Sewing And Its Advantages | BayanMall

sewing net

I remember what Randy Pausch said. He used to say, “the metaphor I’ve used is… somebody’s going to push my family off a cliff pretty soon, and I won’t be there to catch them. And that breaks my heart. But I have some time to sew some nets to cushion the fall. So, I can curl up in a ball and cry, or I can get to work on the nets”. This quote hit me a lot and reminds me that there are things we can’t control. But, we should be prepared for it and try to cope things ahead.


Unfortunately, I’m not going to talk about life and its metaphor. Instead, I’ll take the words of Randy Pausch literally, especially the word “sew”. These days, I observe only a few had the passion of sewing. To some, and I’m proud of them, made it as their profession. I envy mothers who taught their children how to sew. I can conclude that they are good mothers and a very responsible one. So, why should we learn to sew? What are the advantages of doing it?

mother & daughter sewing

When Randy Pausch said, “I have some time to sew”, It means for me that we all have the time, if that’s our priority and you love doing it. Sewing is a good hobby. It is not stressful and keep you in focus. It will help you feel relax, especially if you have a problem. All you have to do is sit down and start sewing. Then, all your worries are gone away. In other words, this a good refresher to yourself.

creative in sewing

Furthermore, Pausch told us that he “ can curl up in a ball and cry”. For me, this mean you are just done and ready to accept and forgive yourself. It is like also after you sew, you can now use the output of your work. How does it feel to wear your own sew dress? Fulfilling, right? This can boost your confidence. Imagine if you are really good at sewing, you will become more creative and your work is such a unique thing.

sewing torn

Lastly, Pausch adds, “I can get to work on the nets”. This means continue doing your nets. Don’t give up easily. I know sewing can be hard at first, but if you’ll learn the basic, it will be just a piece of cake. Maintain the attitude of “I can”. You can sew your own torn clothes. Why buy a new one if you can fix it? Plus, you can save your money for a right cause. Better start sewing now.

Sewing And Its Advantages | BayanMall

Willie Revillame Will Deal An Arrest

Willie Revillame Will Deal An Arrest | BayanMall


Willie Revillame is well known television host in the Philippines. Not only that, the people loved him because of his generosity in giving money to his audiences and contestants in his show. His famed is heard when he hosts the show entitled “Wowowee” in ABS-CBN network. Willie Revillame did it for five years. Then, he transferred to TV5 network to do a same variety show. His programs on that station are “Willing Willie“, “Wil Time Big Time”, and “Wowowillie“. He lasts in that network for only three years.

Wowowin-willie revillame

Now, Willie Revillame is in the GMA network still doing a variety show, but this time on weekends. The program is entitled “Wowowin”. It can be seen every Sunday. Somehow, the show has the same concept with his previous program. The show serves as his comeback in the Philippine television and his reunion with the Kapuso network. Along with Willie Revillame’s popularity is some issue that needs to be solved and clarified.

Last March 12, 2011, a six year old boy dance in a wild or suggestive manner on “Willing Willie”. Willie Revillame asked him to do it again and gave him Php 10,000 for doing so. This cause an issue and a complaint from Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). They filed a case under the violation of Republic Act 7610 or the Anti-Child Abuse Law. This caused the show to be suspended for two weeks. In regards to this matter, the Court of Appeals ordered an arrest to Willie Revillame on charges of child abuse and child exploitation.


Willie Revillame already posted a bail after the case was filed. There is no need for a warrant of arrest according to his lawyer. Presently, They can proceed a trial to find out whether Willie Revillame can be proven guilty or innocent. How about you? What do you think about Willie’s action? Did he really abuse or exploited the child? What are your thoughts regarding with this matter?

Willie Revillame Will Deal An Arrest | BayanMall

Typhoon Lando And Things To Do

Typhoon Lando And Things To Do | BayanMall


A tropical cyclone named Lando affect the locality of the Philippines, especially the Luzon area. It’s international named is Koppu. It has been spotted by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) on October 11. Then, the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) raises its warnings upon its arrival. Afterwards, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) give some advices, as the typhoon enters the responsibility of the Philippines. Actually, it is not expected to arrive early in the Philippines.


The typhoon Lando caused some suspension of classes on October 20. The provinces that don’t have a class are Pangasinan, Nueva Ecija, Ilocos Sur, Bulacan, Cavite, and La Union. It has already been reported of two deaths. These are a woman aging 62 and a 14 year old boy. Twenty thousand suffer from its effect. It also causes some of the families to evacuate in their area. Typhoon Lando makes rivers and streams quickly turn into a flood.

Lando tree fall

Although Lando is a slow moving typhoon, its damage is great. Many people became homeless because of the strong wind it brings. What are we going to do before and during the typhoon, so that we still be protected? Here are some ways to do before a typhoon came. Always turn on your TV/radio.In this way, you’ll get the latest weather updates and emergency instructions from PAGASA.


Don’t forget to prepare and restock your emergency supply kit. These include some important stuff like cell phone, flashlights, batteries, matches, candles, fuel, food, and first aid supplies, of course.Don’t hesitate to move important household items to the highest possible area in your home. By doing this, you protect your things from flood damage. While here are the things you do during a typhoon.


Keep yourself from walking or driving through flood waters. Why? It’s because just a 15 cm of moving water can knock you down and half a meter of water can sweep your vehicle away. Lastly, remember to close your windows and doors. Also, if possible and stay away from them. Flying glass from broken windows could injure you. Hope you will follow this simple tips and keep on praying that typhoon Lando will be over and be gone.

Typhoon Lando And Things To Do | BayanMall

Supplements, Good Or Bad?

Supplements, Good Or Bad? | BayanMall


bowl of vitamins

Supplements or to be precise dietary supplements are vitamins, minerals, herbs, and many other products. They sell in forms of tablets, capsules, soft gels, and gel caps. They are taken to defend our health from the effects of ageing. It also provides protection from other well known diseases. But the question still remains, is it good or bad?


For me, it depends. Yet, I will give you some precaution before buying and taking any of it. First, always talk with your doctor. It is imperative to ask your doctor about taking a supplement, especially if you’re pregnant or nursing a baby. Not only that, consider also if you are about to have surgery or you have a health condition because some supplements have side effects.


variety of food

Eat a variety of foods. Dietary supplements are not intended to be a food substitute. They cannot replace all of the nutrients and benefits of whole foods. In addition, there are vitamins and minerals that are not found in a vitamin or mineral supplements. Sometimes, man made vitamins are not recognized by the body. They usually pass in urine or stored in fat. Unlike the supplements, natural vitamins from food are used by our body.

use your judgment wisely

Use your judgment wisely. The producers of supplements are not required to test their products for safety and effectiveness. They don’t get through the government like Food and Drug Administration (FDA) because they treat them as food and not medically. This means they can just distribute it directly to the market. Somehow, the ingredients are reviewed for safety purposes, but not being approved for its effectiveness.

larger amount of pills

Do not take a bigger dose than the label recommends. Taking too much of some supplements can lead to harmful consequences and worst, life-threatening. If the food you are eating doesn’t include essential nutrients, then supplements can help. But of course, the key is eating a healthy food. Above all, Do not just rely only on supplements.

Supplements, Good Or Bad? | BayanMall