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Mga OFWs Hindi Na Magpapadala ng mga Boxes

OFWs Hindi Na Magpapadala ng mga Boxes | BayanMall

Sa mga taga customs department sa pilipinas panuorin nyo tong video na ginawa ng kasama ko at upang matauhan kayo sa mga pinaggagawa ninyo sa mga package na ipinapadala nila sa pinas!#huwagpuropabebe#atpabobo#moron! \m/

Posted by Lloren Leo on Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ito ay isang kumakalat na video sa facebook. At dito tampok ang mensahe ng mga kababayan natin mula sa Saudi. Kung makikita nyu po sa video maayos na maayos po ang mga balikbayan boxes na yan na pinagpuyatang ibalot ng mga ofw, kahit pagud na pagud na, para ipakita ang pagmamahal nila sa mga kamag anak dito sa Pinas. Pero ang mangyayari po ay mabababoy ang mga ito sa customs, masisira na ang ilan at mananakawan pa. “Mas masaya sanang makita na ang pamilya mo ang unang makabukas ng iyong padala pero mukhang uunahan ka pa ng iba.”

ofws Ayon dito sa video makikita natin na huminto na sa pagpapadala ang mga OFW ng mga balikbayan boxes. Eh! sino ba naman ang may gusto na ganyan mangyari sa packages nyu. MAHIYA naman kayo! “Sa tuwid na daan daw? Basura galing Canada, lusot sa Customs. Mga pekeng bigas, lusot sa Customs. Mga smuggled cars, lusot sa Customs. Mga druga galing Tsina, lusot sa Customs. Meanwhile, balikbayan boxes ng mga OFWs na itinuturing na bagong bayani ng bayan, hindi lumusot sa Customs?” Bureau of Customs or BUREAU OF CORRUPTION? Need kasi ng pang 2016 election eh. “BOC huwag nyu namang gawing legal ang pagnanakaw nyu, masyado nang halata eh”. Sample lamang yan ng mga kumakalat at nagiging viral na  na mga mensaheng lumalabas sa facebook at iba pang social media. Na ang iba ay dinadaan na lang sa biro ang seryoso nilang patama.


Kung iisipin natin ang dami pa naman sana nilang dapat gawing matino, bakit eto pa na subrang obvious. Mukhang nagiging makitid na ang paraan nila sa mga bagay na eto. Eto naman ang babala ni Mayor Duterte- ” If I become a president, I can assure you upon the grave of my father..the charges wont be corruption but it would be something like multiple murder and genoside..But if I  ever file a certificate of candidacy for president. I’m telling the Filipino people now! Do not vote for me, because it will be bloody.” Eto ay sinabi nya sa interview sa News5 na EXCLUSIVE | MAYOR DUTERTE, NAGBABALA SA LAHAT NG GUSTONG BUMOTO SA KANYA.
OFWs Hindi Na Magpapadala ng mga Boxes | BayanMall

Keep your Child Safe from Social Media Danger

Social Media Danger | BayanMall

You probably have seen this video of Cobypersin on YouTube. This is about telling people how easy it is for a pedophile to reach your children in social media. It tells us that we should be aware of what’s going on this world, especially the things for our kids. Now I want you to watch this and learn from it. It might save someones life or maybe our loved ones from the Social Media Danger.

Although this is just an experiment but it has truth in it. We should be aware of these things, our loved ones are not exempted from these kinds of treats that lurks around the world. We don’t know it until its too late.

Ninety percent of child molesters know their victims. Keep your child away from Social Media Danger, nobody wants to see people drowning in tears of sadness.

So for people who are far away from their children should think ways on how they can help them. Because they are the most vulnerable to these kind of things, and probably the best target because their parents are not around. Always remind them to never talk to strangers.

So here are some suggestions to help your children stay away from Social Media Danger.

1. Remind them regularly.

Warn them about how people got raped because of meet ups with people they only met at facebook.

2. Be close to them and let them open up to you and you to them.

Tell them about your daily activities and adventures and let them tell their story to. It this way you can also have a good bonding. You don’t have to frighten your kids in order to keep them safe.

Social Media Danger

3. Give them a rule.

A time that they should be home. Staying out late is a big worry. A teenager can easily  approach problems not of their own making. Late nights can affect school assignments. They could be facing peer demand to drink alcoholic beverages, take drugs, engage in  sexual activities or even violence.

4. Don’t take sleepovers lightly.

As mothers and fathers, we’re utilized in doing sleepover options with his kids’ friends’ households around the journey. most of us shouldn’t be therefore casual in relation to where by our kids spend the night. “Don’t enable a sleepover if you do not realize the household very well and possess gone to their apartment more often than not. Consult exactly who will probably be there along with exactly what they will be doing. In the event that there is anything unusual, trust your the instinct. ”.

Most of us do the blaming when its all over. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Social Media Danger| BayanMall

Tips To Become A Successful OFW

Tips To  Become A Successful OFW | BayanMall

To Become A Successful OFW you need to start doing things you should and stop the things you should stop.

So here are some great advice that will help you achieve your goal, why you went overseas to work as hard as you can. In these point of views I will guide to stay focus on much important things In becoming successful on how to use your money wisely.

Successful OFW

Invest in Education

Education and learning can easily placed people with a way in the direction of a good health, empowerment in addition to employment. It will help to make more restful organizations. And the advantages of girls’ training reaches to their own young children who’re typically more healthy plus much more educated because their particular mothers went to school.

As well as a good income-based return, most of us desired to see a number of the reason why a good investment inside schooling brings essentially the most beyond a person, and open new ways and opportunities no matter what your field of study is. Obtaining a degree in a subject is usually thought to be a rite of passage, and is a symbol of commitment, a vested desire for self-improvement, and also the willingness to consider your schooling and talents to be able to brand new levels. On the other hand, many college students fret or think that your level in a very particular topic may possibly reduce their career opportunities rather than expand opportunities based on the limitations of the job industry, or may possibly may put them into a single line of work.

Successful OFW

Live within your means

Given, you work hard as much as possible and deserve to have for yourself from time to time—but you must need to stick to your budget. Don’t  give in to your wants. If it turns out your expenses eats up most of your money, then you might need a serious change on your spending routines.
Save a set of proportion of your salary for savings just about every payday, as well as budget the others for your family and your personal expenses. You don’t have to deprive your self.In truth, it will guide in the event you commit a selected portion of your earnings to spend at your individual leisure time, only providing you don’t go beyond the amount you set.When there is anything too costly you want to purchase it doesn’t specifically qualify being a “need, ” postpone that with regard to no less than a month to provide by yourself the perfect time to reconsider.

Successful OFW

Set your financial goals
Talk to your family members concerning ones targets in the future. The quantity of decades complete you wish to do the job offshore? Do you wish to shift all your family members in addition to reside out of your Philippines? Or maybe will you plan to go back to the united states once you’ve ended up saving plenty of? Does one plan to start out your personal company soon after your sons or daughters conclude his or her training? Take a moment in addition to talk about ones plans with your household and so everyone is on the same page. Point it out that you will be working as a team to reach those financial goals.

If you follow these guide I am sure you will become a Successful OFW.

Tips To Become A Successful OFW | BayanMall

Tips for OFW who Always Feel Homesick

Tips for OFW who Always Feel Homesick | BayanMall

Moving abroad, whether you’re training, mastering, interning, volunteering, an OFW working or simply journeying with an prolonged time frame, will be complex. Any individual exactly who tells you normally will be both resting or even from the private-jet-owning duty group. The experience may be thrilling, energizing along with eye-opening, yet it is unbelievably demanding in numerous strategies go much outside of understanding to face a traditions that doesn’t take an evening meal until 10 pm.


What is Homesickness?

Those individuals have been the subject of sleepaway camping when young might previously be informed about that sensation : to the remainder associated with you fortuitous people that have missed away, homesickness is essentially an acute type of stress or even over emotional hardship that final results by sensation disconnected by recognizable individuals in addition to locations or in other words “You miss home“.

Tricks for Managing Homesickness In another country.


Have a Break From Skype
In other words don’t skype too much.Technological innovation is surely an awesome technique in which to stay hint with persons regardless of where that you are on earth, yet there is a real thing to be way too linked. In case you are spending 2 hours each day actually talking to your mothers and fathers as well as capturing up on every single teeny thing taking place in the home, you are not utilizing the period for you to explore as well as talk with a new area. It is vital, obviously, to hold touching folks at home, yet getting a healthy harmony between connections for you to house as well as getting within the site you truly live is critical intended for acquiring yourself plus a perception connected with owed inside your brand-new location. You will just miss being home and you will feel sad if not excited to go home.While you are on this, take a separate through some other social media too.


Overexpose Your self
In the event that you will discover issues that are triggering homesickness, look at over-exposing yourself to these people until eventually you’ve habituated about the that they feel as if — for instance, when packed areas are frustrating, after that spend lots of time generally there soon you experience more stimulating. Particularly if you are in a countryside location, it will have the particular twice consequence associated with disclosing that you ones setting although permitting ones setting (i. electronic. another neighborhood! ) understand that you are way too!


Send Gifts Back Home
Keeping associated with your family and friends at home is very important. Think about giving gifts from your new country and also sending them at home. This will likely offer your current days to weeks an enjoyable function, maintain an individual associated with the ones that are essential to your account, and grow the tangible method to talk about your current suffers from in foreign countries with your friends and family at home. Now with Bayanmall it is now possible to buy gifts and send it to your loved ones for a cheaper price.

Tips for OFW who Always Feel Homesick | BayanMall