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Willie Revillame Will Deal An Arrest

Willie Revillame Will Deal An Arrest | BayanMall


Willie Revillame is well known television host in the Philippines. Not only that, the people loved him because of his generosity in giving money to his audiences and contestants in his show. His famed is heard when he hosts the show entitled “Wowowee” in ABS-CBN network. Willie Revillame did it for five years. Then, he transferred to TV5 network to do a same variety show. His programs on that station are “Willing Willie“, “Wil Time Big Time”, and “Wowowillie“. He lasts in that network for only three years.

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Now, Willie Revillame is in the GMA network still doing a variety show, but this time on weekends. The program is entitled “Wowowin”. It can be seen every Sunday. Somehow, the show has the same concept with his previous program. The show serves as his comeback in the Philippine television and his reunion with the Kapuso network. Along with Willie Revillame’s popularity is some issue that needs to be solved and clarified.

Last March 12, 2011, a six year old boy dance in a wild or suggestive manner on “Willing Willie”. Willie Revillame asked him to do it again and gave him Php 10,000 for doing so. This cause an issue and a complaint from Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). They filed a case under the violation of Republic Act 7610 or the Anti-Child Abuse Law. This caused the show to be suspended for two weeks. In regards to this matter, the Court of Appeals ordered an arrest to Willie Revillame on charges of child abuse and child exploitation.


Willie Revillame already posted a bail after the case was filed. There is no need for a warrant of arrest according to his lawyer. Presently, They can proceed a trial to find out whether Willie Revillame can be proven guilty or innocent. How about you? What do you think about Willie’s action? Did he really abuse or exploited the child? What are your thoughts regarding with this matter?

Willie Revillame Will Deal An Arrest | BayanMall



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