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Why do Filipinos love Videoke?

It is a known fact that if you are a Filipino, you most definitely love videoke or karaoke. True?

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In the Philippines, whenever there’s a party, celebration or fiesta or even just on ordinary days, you’ll hear your neighbors singing their hearts out in videoke. Young or old, rich or poor, party or no party, singing in tune or out of tune, at the mall or at home – these circumstances don’t matter at all! Everyone just loves to grab the microphone and sing their favorite songs.

And it’s not just in the Philippines, but also in other parts of the world like Japan, China, and Korea. Even Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) look for ways to have videoke wherever they may be! Most OFWs bring back videoke systems back to their place or country of work and use it there when they come home to the Philippines.

Generally, Filipinos all over the world just love using the karaoke – to bond; laugh with each other; talk to each other; spend time together; sing; dance and have fun together. It makes them forget their worries and problems and brings them into a state of happiness and enjoyment. Singing their hearts out is usually paired with good food, drinks and most of all, the company of family and friends!

Now, you need not worry about renting videoke machines for a day because you can now purchase your own handy videoke microphone packed with all the newest songs at BayanMall!

TJ Media Videoke

TJ MEDIA VIDEOKE TKR-304P-700x700_0 (love)

Priced at Php24,131, the TJ Media Videoke has a built in 500GB Hard Disk with various high quality songs and HD background videos that are officially licensed.

Wow Concerto Pro 2 Videoke

WOW CONCERTO PRO 2 VIDEOKE-700x700_0 (love)

The Wow Concerto Pro 2 Videoke has 2,027 built in songs including hottest hits, funky DJ remixes, and K-pop videos. It also has 2 wireless microphones with built-in remote control for easy song selections. Get them at Php 22,590!

Wow Grand Videoke

WOW GRAND VIDEOKE-700x700_0 (love)

The Wow Grand Videoke makes you feel like you’re singing live with complete instruments and back-up vocals. It has a 16 GB internal memory with a song recording and easy song search function. It also has an easy to use and understand remote control. Grab them at Php 29,670!

Wow Mabuhay Plus 2 Videoke


The Wow Mabuhay Plus 2 Videoke boasts of 3,000+ songs (1,918 English, 1,062 OPM, & 20 K-POP songs ), 2 high quality wired microphones, 2 GB memory videoke background that includes MTVs, Dance Anime, Wow Philippines and K-pop. Grab them at Php 10,798.80 only!

Order yours today!

Why do Filipinos love Videoke? | BayanMall

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