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Washing Machine Of Electrolux

Washing Machine Of Electrolux | BayanMall

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Washing clothes is the hardest task for me, especially if you do it by hand. It will consume your time and energy. Thankfully, we have some machine to help us ease our work. Today, we have a lot of washing machine brands and it makes us confuse to choose. I present to you the Electrolux Washer.

Electrolux is a multinational home appliance maker that is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. It is the world’s second-largest home appliance producer by income. They have a washer machine guide to help you decide which model you prefer. I think that’s three reasons why you should pick this brand.


Electrolux washing machines have a fast wash cycle. They have this kind of feature that can take until 14-18 minute cycle and that depends on their washing model you buy. In short, you can do your laundry in a last minute. They have also a great capacity to store all clothes. Even a king size comforter can do. No need to worry if you have a large family. Moreover, they have this property of direct spray washing technology. It adjusts water and energy consumption according to the size of the load. Surely, it is not a waste and that makes them environmentally friendly.

Gladly, BayanMall offer this product. They have models like: Electrolux 5.0 Kg. Washer, Electrolux 6Kg. Washing Machine EWT 604S, Electrolux 8Kg. Front Load Washing Machine EWF 12821, Electrolux EDS7051, Electrolux EWF12022, Electrolux EWF12732, Electrolux EWP10742, Electrolux EWT113, Electrolux EWT121, Electrolux EWT604S, Electrolux EWT704, and Electrolux EWT704S. The prices are ranging from PHP 11-42 thousands. It looks like the price is high, but you will get what you pay for this machine.

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Always remember when you choose Electrolux Laundry Systems, you will get an essential resource. Plus, a partner that is committed in providing support throughout every phase of your laundry operation.

Washing Machine Of Electrolux | BayanMall




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