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Valentine Gift Ideas for Long Distance Relationships | BayanMall

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There are so many ways to surprise the love of your life and make him/her happy this Valentine’s day even though you’re miles apart. But how will you know what to give her? First, recall all the things you’ve done for her or given her and list down which ones she loved the best. Second, think of things that she mentioned to you recently – for example, she needs a new phone because her phone was soaked up in water recently or she needs a pretty dress to wear for her friend’s wedding. Is she the practical type or the romantic type? You may get ideas for your gifts from these.



Call first thing in the morning to greet him/her a happy valentine or surprise him/her with an email and show them how much you love and miss them.


Send munchies like chips, popcorn, etc. on Valentine’s day and schedule a skype movie date with him/her. You can be miles apart but nothing can stop you from enjoying your favorite movie together. Check out this movie munchies package: https://www.bayanmall.com/Packages-1/Movie-Munchies



  • Nothing beats the old fashioned way of sending him/her chocolates and flowers – you can include a cuddly teddy bear too! Even the non-romantic ones will fall for this!
  • A personalized cake that says “I love you” or “I miss you” will be a sweet valentine gift!
  • A gift that she will surely love whether it’s a tablet, mobile phone, a pair of headphones with microphone so you can chat with her daily. It’s practical and will really help in making your relationship stronger through constant communication.
  • If your loved one has mentioned anything they need at home, work or in school – try to send them that as a gift. It may be simple but you’re sure that every time they use it, they will remember you.
  • Gift him/her with something that will enhance their hobbies. For example, if your boyfriend loves painting, send him some paintbrushes or paint he can use. For ladies, if they love baking, then send them baking tools or ingredients.

In the end, it’s not all the physical things and gifts that matter. Just being there for the person you love, greeting them and surprising them with even the simplest things will surely go a long way. Send them love and make them feel that it’s not only Valentine’s day but every day of the year that you love them.

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Valentine Gift Ideas for Long Distance Relationships | BayanMall