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10 Ways and Tips to Get Your US Visa

US Visa

Wanting to go to USA so bad? Then what’s hindering you from doing so? Getting your US Visa? Well, sit back and relax as you read this article of 1O Ways and Tips to Get to Get your US Visa. Prepare yourself for the flight trip because this time getting a visa will just be a piece of a cake.

1. Make sure that your host in US submits and comply all the required documents by the embassy. It would be better if papers will be given printed to avoid problems regarding legibility.

2. There are no quotas in issuing US Visa. If the applicant qualifies in all the given requirements and standards, his or her visa will be processed immediately.

3. Do sincere efforts and give the officer no reason to disapprove your application. Always be polite and show respect to the different personnel you engage with.

4. Know the requirements to be passed and understand the process well. It pays to be accurate. Remember there are lots of people applying for an approval and you are just one of the thousands. Once you got it wrong, yours might be held pending and you will wait again until everything is settled in your part.

5. Visa application should use the same passport to purchase their pay fee to be used in their view. This is to avoid unnecessary confusions.

6. Don’t be intimidated with your dialect or language. Applicant’s language has no effect on his or her visa application. In the end, customer service is intended for everyone regardless of language, race and culture.

7. During the interview, if there’s a confusion or question boggling your mind it is advisable to speak up. in this way the Consulate staff can take some time explaining it to you to avoid misunderstanding and miscommunication.

8. Answer the questions in your application form honestly and accurately.

9. Use your current address and no your permanent address in filling up the Visa application form.

Passport EXPIRED

10. Remember the expiry of your stay, which is indicated in the I 94 form slip attached on your passport and no the date stamped on your visa.

We hope these tips will help you get the approval you’ve been waiting for. Lastly, apart from all these ,just be yourself and enjoy the process. Let us know when you get there. Good luck!



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