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The Sadness and Joy of Being an OFW

The Sadness and Joy of Being an OFW | BayanMall

Sadness & Joy

We all know that OFW is acronym of Overseas Filipino Workers. They work abroad to sustain the needs of their family and fulfill their dreams of a better life. But, what’s it is really feel likes to work in abroad? Are they really sad or are they full of happiness?

Sadness of OFW

Leaving your family and loved ones just to work abroad is a bitter feeling that has been swallowed by most of an OFW. Because of the lack of employment here in our country, they have no choice but to do to it. When they arrived in a foreign country, they automatically felt alone because they didn’t know one. Their loved ones are not around anymore to lift them up in times of their trouble especially when homesickness strikes. They have to endure this kind of feeling. They could not express their feeling well because of the language barrier. Even if they can speak english still it is not the same to a person who talks fast in english. How frustrating it will be? Surely, they will miss a lot of things like the voices and faces of their family. They will not able to see their child grow. They can’t give warm hugs and kisses constantly anymore. Furthermore, how many celebration like birthdays, anniversary,and graduation they have not attend to. I thinks it is hurtful not able to witness those events. Worst of all how can they overcome a grief if one of the members of their family died. One thing for sure, they have many sleepless nights and pillows have been wet because of their tears they cry at night.

Joy of OFW

In spite of the sadness and loneliness, somehow there is joy. They felt happy whenever someone chat, viber, skype, or see the picture of their family in an fb post. How much more if they able to talk to with their loved ones once in while. This can ease the burden, sorrow, and loneliness they feel. Not only that, in an instance they forget how stressful they are because of their horrible and strict boss. They love sending present and money to their family. This make them happy. They are glad that their children now have new gadgets. They are excited of the improvement of their home. In short, all of their sacrifices pays off for the lifestyle of their left family has changed because of them. Somehow, they found new friends which are also their “kababayans” and enjoyed the scenery and beauty of their new place. They’ve enjoy shopping as well and think what gifts they will bring when they come home. On top of this, they felt good to be called a hero because of the sacrifices they have made.

OFW as they keep pushing


At first it is hard, but with patience and diligence, things will work out well. This is the motivation of an OFW. No Dreams are too hard to reach. Keep on believing, keep on pushing, go an extra mile, and carry an extra load with a cheerful heart. Always think this an opportunity to give the best for your family than feel guilty while you left them. Time will come you will eventually come home but for the moment think why in the first place you choose to work abroad. This can help you to be in the right path and pursue your dream.

The Sadness and Joy of Being an OFW | BayanMall



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