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Madison Tevlin with Down Syndrome Inspires Everyone

A teen named Madison Tevlin, who was born with a down syndrome, has uploaded a cover of the greatest hit 2013 song entitled ‘All of me’.

The teen got really overwhelmed when the artist (John Legend) of the song found her cover in twitter and even retweeted it.

According to her, she chooses to sing it to express her feelings towards unconditional love. In her case, voice are expected to be in low pitch, husky and monotonous and so, Tevlin gave her self some time to practice the vocal techniques. She really desired to be heard by everyone with the sweetest melody she could ever bring into being.

This only reminds us that whatever and whoever we are, it will never measure the things we can give and get. It will never define you and will never tell what you can do.

Tevlin, despite her condition, even crippled a thousand hearts and touches everybody’s soul! She showed everyone the best in her and made every single part of her be heard. Indeed, nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself.