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Filipino Food, What’s your favorite?

Filipino Food, What’s your favorite? | BayanMall

Part of the secret of a success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside. I agree with what Mark Twain said. Everybody loves to eat and most of all I love Filipino food. Let me share to you my favorite Filipino food.


Filipino food Adobo

Adobo is Spanish for sauce, seasoning, or marinade. It is the unofficial national dish of the Filipino. It consists of chunks of chicken or pork or both cooked in soy sauce, vinegar, bay leaf, lots of garlic and whole peppercorns.


Filipino food Kare-Kare

Kare-kare is a Philippine stew. It is made from peanut sauce with a variety of vegetables, stewed oxtail, beef, and occasionally offal or tripe. Goat meat or chicken can be used as well. It is often eaten with “bagoong”(shrimp paste). Sometimes, spiced with chili and sprinkled with calamansi juice.


Filipino food sinigang

Sinigang is a Filipino soup or stew characterized by its sour flavor. It is usually associated with tamarind. Meat differs from fish, pork, shrimp and beef. Variations of the dish also can be get in its sourness. Guava, calamansi, balimbíng, or unripe mango can be used as one of the ingredients.


Filipino food kaldereta

Kaldereta is popular in the Luzon area of the Philippines. It’s common ingredients are cuts of pork, beef, chicken or goat with tomato paste or tomato sauce. Plus, a liver spread is added to it. It is originally a goat stew made with tomatoes, potatoes, spices, liver, olives, bell peppers and hot peppers.


Filipino food dinuguan

Dinuguan is a stew dish that is mainly comprised of pork meat and pork blood. Mostly, it is  pork innards such as small and large intestines. It can also be made from beef and chicken meat. Usually, it has vinegar and long green pepper. Dinuguan is  served best with white rice or a Philippine rice cake called puto.

I know you’re hungry now upon reading this. What are you waiting for? Gratify yourself to its smell and taste. Try to  cooking it in your own homes or visit a near carinderia. How about you? What’s your favorite Filipino food?

Filipino Food, What’s your favorite? | BayanMall