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Hugot Lines from Heneral Luna

Hugot Lines from Heneral Luna | BayanMall

Heneral Luna is a historical biopic film made by Jerrold Tarog. Since it was shown on September 9, the netizens make some noise by creating a funny post and some “hugot” lines. They use the hashtag #HugotHeneral as their tribute to the awesomeness of the movie. Indeed, I laugh and made me ponder to its thrown hitting lines. Let me share some of it.

Hugot Heneral Luna

#Bayan o sarili, pumili ka (nation or yourself, you choose)! This hugot line made me think what matter most? If you love your country, definitely you’ll fight for it without reservation. We should stand up and not be coward. Because if you do it, you’ll not do a favor for yourself, but for others as well.

Hugot Heneral Luna (negosyo o kalayaan)


#Negosyo o kalayaan (business or freedom)? I’m hoping our politician reflected on this hugot line. Many aspire to be elected as an official in our country. Yet, I can’t help but ask myself, do they do it to serve us or for their selves to acquire more wealth? Hopefully, not the latter.

Hugot Heneral Luna

#May mas malaki tayong kalaban sa mga Amerikano – ang ating sarili (we have a bigger contender than the American – ourselves). Certainly, our number one enemy is ourself. If we don’t overcome our own anxiety and insecurities in life, then we can’t face other people. We should love our self, be contented of what we have, and recognize the blessings in our life.

Hugot Heneral Luna

#Kalaban ang kalaban. Kalaban ang kakampi, nakakapagod. (We are fighting our opponent. The opponent is our ally, this is exhausting.) What hurt us most is that the one we thought who is our ally or friend is the one will betray us in the end. Isn’t very tiring? We should be very careful who we trust nowadays. We don’t know what they will do or say behind our back.

Hugot Heneral Luna (watak-watak)

#Malaking trabaho ang ipagkaisa ang bansang watak-watak (It is a great job to unite a fragmented nation). Truthfully, it is hard to ask someone to cooperate with us if he doesn’t want to. We all know that if we are fighting with the same cause, it can be done easily if only we are united. Being alone is not enough. Unity should start with us.

Actually, there are a lot more hugot or drawing out emotions lines from this film. I only pick a few that really touches my heart. You can share some of it to me if you like, but first, watch the movie if you don’t see it.

Hugot Lines from Heneral Luna | BayanMall