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Hi-5 Philippines In TV5

Hi-5 Philippines In TV5 | BayanMall

HI-5 (1)

In the month of June, a new Hi-5 local version has been given. We are proud to have an all Filipino cast of Hi-5 show. Hi-5 is an original Australian children’s educational television program. Every kid loves this show. I think it’s because of their music that is for children to sing and dance. As the hosts start to sing and dance, the children of the world started to follow them. Furthermore, this show teaches children about colors, animals, numbers or shapes.


The program can be seen in TV5 network. It’s schedule is every Monday to Saturday at 8:30 am and Sunday at 9:00 am. To find these local hosts, the network organizes a one-day-only audition. Finally, Hi-5 Philippines is composed of Rissey Reyes, Gerard Pagunsan, Alex Reyes, Fred Lo, and Aira Binas. They are the first time Hi-5 franchise new team in Asia.


This new host of Hi-5 is both good in singing and dancing. Plus, they really have the passion for kids. Most of them have experience in theater and love the original show of course. The show maintains its original segment like making music, wordplay, body move, shapes in space, and puzzles & patterns. These segments are done individually by Gerard, Aira, Rissey, Fred and Alex respectively.


Hope our own Hi-5 Philippines will win an award in the near future. The original Hi-5 show won five ARIA awards for “Best Children’s Album” and three consecutive Australian Logie Awards for “Most Outstanding Children’s Preschool Program”. Also, they got  five Australian DVD and Video Industry Awards.


What matters most is that the program had a little twist to make it more Filipino. The Filipino cast interact using English and Tagalog language. Don’t worry, they still used the original songs of the show. But eventually, time will come it will be translated into Tagalog. What amaze me is their barrio fiesta theme. What are you waiting for? Watch and learn with them in a  fun way.

Hi-5 Philippines In TV5 | BayanMall