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LA’s Hottest Trainers Reveal 16 Secrets to Fitness Success

While stylish insiders have plenty of fitspiration to offer, we all know that behind every blogger body is a top-notch trainer. Just like last year, we’re strollingsweating through memory lane and rounding up some of the wisest words spoken by our Hottest Trainer 2015contestants.

Whether you’re getting long and lean, trailing famous fitness fiends, or hitting ye old-fashioned gym, keep the below 16 tips in mind to ensure the most successful of sweat seshes.

LA's Hottest Trainer 2015 Contestant #1: Ryan Adams, Mansion Fitness

Positivity is power. “My dad always had the outlet of fitness to decompress and let whatever energy he was dealing with out in a positive way. So, I decided to change up my patterns completely and start being good to my body and mind and see if that could change my outlook. Fitness empowered me and changed my life.” Ryan Adams, Mansion Fitness

LA's Hottest Trainer 2015 Contestant #2: Erica Hood, Body By Simone

Look at your workout as one big perspiration bash.“There’s nothing more thrilling to me than leading (and sweating) with a room full of people in the most ultimate dance party.” Erica Hood, Body by Simone

[8/11, 11am] LA's Hottest Trainer 2015 Contestant #3: Ricardo Vargas, Barry's Bootcamp

It’s okay to go with the flow. “I observe the energy present in each class and surrender to its flow. If it requires me to be a bit more harsh and curse a bit more, then I acquiesce. If the collective energy requires more patience of me, then I am kinder.” Ricardo Vargas, Barry’s Bootcamp

[8/11, 2pm] LA's Hottest Trainer 2015 Contestant #4: Jenn Glysson, The Changing Room

Let your trainer mix things up. “There is no magic pill or quick fix, sorry! If you are truly ready to change, then get ready to put in the work, eat right, and try to find a trainer or a workout that can provide you with variety so you don’t plateau.” Jen Glysson, The Changing Room

[8/12, 11am] LA's Hottest Trainer 2015 Contestant #5: Brendon Ayanbadejo, Orangetheory Fitness

Bigger isn’t always better. “Fitness starts from the inside out. Anyone can build large muscles and be all show, but if you don’t have the conditioning to match then you have some work to do.” Brendan Ayanbadejo, Orangetheory Fitness

[8/12, 2pm] LA's Hottest Trainer 2015 Contestant #6: Pixie Acia, SoulCycle

Expect to meet your trainer more than halfway. “Your best interest is my best interest, so I’m going to give you everything I’ve got, and I expect you to give you everything you’ve got. Bottom line is, we’re going to get through it together.” Pixie Acia, SoulCycle

[8/13, 11am] LA's Hottest Trainer 2015 Contestant #7: Drake Abshire, Equinox West Hollywood

Don’t fear #fitnessinspo. “We all have inner deep reasons to get fit. I try to appeal to those needs so they are moved to make the changes for themselves…Also, who doesn’t love looking better naked?” Drake Abshire, Equinox West Hollywood

[8/13, 2pm] LA's Hottest Trainer 2015 Contestant #8: Katrina Valdez, Crunch Sunset

Travel can be a good workout for the soul. “I’ve been to about 25 different countries, and each trip brings me a new perspective on life each time. I love immersing myself in different cultures and feeling out of my element.” Katrina Valdez, Crush Sunset

[8/14, 11am] LA's Hottest Trainer 2015 Contestant #9: Devin Wiggins, Rise Nation

There’s no gain without some pain. “Having fun while getting your ass handed to you is the perfect combination of success.” Devin Wiggins, Rise Nation

[8/14, 2pm] LA's Hottest Trainer 2015 Contestant #10: Erika Hammond, Prevail

Sweat your way to less stress. “It’s totally empowering to know that you can kick some butt. Plus, boxing is an incredible stress reliever!” — Erika Hammond, Prevail Fitness

[8/17, 11am] LA's Hottest Trainer 2015 Contestant #11: Ryan VanDyke, Ultra Body Fitness

A good trainer won’t take “no” for an answer. “I find it’s usually best to push someone a little more than they let me. However, I’m definitely not a pushover and will fire your ass shall you give me lip and grief!” Ryan VanDyke, Ultra Body Fitness

[8/17, 2pm] LA's Hottest Trainer 2015 Contestant #12: Kamilah Barrett, Cardio Barre

Remember to have fun. “I create motivational scenarios within class to explain the heart of each exercise, but I also like to keep everyone cracking up!” Kamilah Barrett, Cardio Barre

[8/18, 11am] LA's Hottest Trainer 2015 Contestant #13: Victor Self, Flywheel Sports

Get out of your comfort zone. “Sweat with gratitude [and] get comfortable being uncomfortable.”— Victor Self, Flywheel

LA's Hottest Trainer 2015 Contestant #14: Ashley Conrad, Clutch Bodyshop

It’s okay to aim for perfection. “I am a total perfectionist; I have mood/design boards for almost everything you can imagine…then [I] realized that every client and person I know that runs a super successful product company is the exact same way.” — Ashley Conrad, Clutch Bodyshop

LA's Hottest Trainer 2015 Contestant #15: Brandon Mills, Cycle House

Embrace the calm and the storm. “There are times where it is the most intense moments of your entire life that require some heavy motivation and strong presence as an instructor, and there are equally moments of pure serenity that allow me to be very calming and quietly reassuring.” — Brandon Mills, Cycle House

[8/19, 2pm] LA's Hottest Trainer 2015 Contestant #16: Chelsea Kruse, Exhale Venice

Switch up your sweat soundtrack. “Anything with a good beat gets me excited to sweat. From Ace of Base to Beyoncé to Justin Timberlake. My current summer jam that I can’t help but dance to is ‘What Are Ü Now’ by Diplo, Skrillex, and Justin Bieber.” — Chelsea Kruse, Exhale Venice

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Brain Health, Why Think Of It?

Brain Health, Why Think Of It? | BayanMall

If you play Plants Vs. Zombies, you’ll hear the zombies say “brain” many times. But, have you ask yourself, why do they want to eat our brains instead of just a singular portion part of our body. If zombies exist, would you worry about your brain? Certainly yes, because it’s a matter of life and death situation. Luckily, we are in this modern age where zombies are present only in a fictional story. Because of this, we took lightly the importance of our brains. We only think of our brain as we grow old or age because we are starting to have a memory disorder or loss. So, allow me to promote brain health in our lifestyle.

Brain Health (Eat regularly)

Eat regularly. Don’t you know that our brain consumes 20% of our daily energy intake. For this reason, it is essential that we start our day with a complete breakfast. Make sure also to simply get enough food to eat each day to keep our brains functioning optimally.

Brain Health (Eat the right food)

Eat the right food. What is good for our body is good as well for our brain. Eat cold-water fish such as salmon, tuna, trout, mackerel, and sardines. These fishes contain omega 3 fatty acids that help our brain build and repair brain cells. Don’t forget the vegetables, particularly the green and leafy ones. These supplements our long term memory and other cognitive functions.

step aerobics with dumbbells

Have an exercise. When you’re working up a sweat, the heart pumps oxygen and nutrients to the brain cells. Exercise can also elevate our mood which is very good for our brain.

Brain Health (Get amount of sleep)

Get amount of sleep. Without enough sleep, we may respond slowly to new situations or fail to pay proper attention. As we sleep, our brain builds memories depending on the importance and our expectation for remembering. Sleep helps memory formation that you will need later as you woke up.

Brain Health (Do mental exercise)

Do a mental exercise. This can stimulate your brain. You can do this by enjoying strategy games, puzzles, and riddles. This can build your capacity to form and retain cognitive associations. Also, create rhymes and patterns to strengthen your memory connections.

We should take a proactive approach to our brain health. As you follow this advice, you are not only taking the steps necessary to keep your brain in shape, but you are also taking the necessary steps to prevent age related cognitive decline. Above all, you reduce your risk for many brain disorders, including dementia and stroke.

Brain Health, Why Think Of It? | BayanMall