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Why Parojinog’s mansion was demolished after Duterte assumes office

When Rodrigo Duterte assumed office as president, the Parojinogs demolished their mansion in Ozamiz City and lived instead in a smaller house. The Parojinogs have been political kingpins in Ozamis City. As to why they demolished the house remained a mystery to the residents there. Some said that Parojinogs did it to avoid more suspicions in their involvement in illegal activities.

Last week, City Chief of Police Senior Inspector Jovie Espenido visited the old mansion of the Parojinogs in Bacakay, Ozamiz City.

As if hindi sila mayaman, bumalik na sa kanilang bahay na maliit para siguro… eh alam naman ng lahat na involved sila sa drugs,” Espenido told TV 5.

Translation: “To present themselves as not rich people, they went back to their little, old house… then again, everyone knew they were involved in durgs.”

Espenido suspected that the family was hiding something from the current administration.

The Discovery

According to the information received by the authorities, the old mansion of the Parojinogs became a ‘cemetery’ for their political foes and illegal drug trade competitors. They believe that it is also a meeting place of the alleged members of their syndicate to plan for their next crime. Brgy. Captain Ludvina Macayran has received complaints from the residents in the area about a foul odor sometime in February that made the council filled the place with trucks of soil.

Because of that, Espenido ordered the Ozamiz PNP to dig the demolished mansion for proof.

They found no human bodies. Rather, they only obtained sacks of garbage. Two sacks tied with rope only contained bones and feathers of animals.

The Parojinog Raid

Meanwhile, 16 people were killed during the anti-drug raid in Ozamiz City, including Mayor Aldong Parojinog and Board Member Octavio Parojinog. The police arrested Vice Mayor Nova Princess Parojinog and other members of the Parojinog clan. The vice mayor was discovered to have a relationship with Herbert “Ampang” Colangco, one of the suspected Bilibid drug lords.

After the operations, a man identified as ‘Noel’ claimed that he had worked as hitman and drug courier for 20 years for them. He admitted that he was ordered to pick up shabu from National Bilibib Prison several times and deliver it to Ozamiz City. According to Noel, the Parojinogs divided the illegal drugs he delivered and started to sell it to other pushers in Ozamiz. They were also involved in holdup operations, and murdering their political foes and business competitors. He also mentioned that he chopped bodies of the people who were ordered to be killed before burying them. Information point out the mansion as the said place.

New Ozamiz City

As a result of the absence of leadership, Irene Engracia Luansing became the acting mayor of Ozamiz and Michael Llamas Tagal as acting vice mayor.

The locals in Ozamiz City publicly expressed their views against the Parojinog family. They wore white shirts and attended the rally. They believe that this will give birth to a new Ozamiz City.

A community prayer in front of Ozamiz City Hall on Sunday was led by Pastor Nathaniel Dinoro.

References: TV News 5


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