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Most Epic Graduation, You Mustn’t Experience.

Before we fall into tears and get emotional to the approaching end of this point of your life’s journey,

As we go on
We remember
All the times we
Had together
And as our lives change
Come whatever
We will still be
Friends Forever


laugh, laugh, laugh HARD , jump off your seats and run out of breath with this epic fail graduation moments that you surely don’t want to experience.

And now that the graduation season’s fast approaching, here’s a little reminder to all of our aspiring graduates to take an extra little precaution upon savoring the very moment of receiving their diploma.





Well, to get that much attention from the crowd more than the top honors do is quite a price from the too much humiliation you get from teasing friends afterwards.

Plus, surely you’ll never ever be forgotten whenever there’s an upcoming batch reunion. Certainly, everybody in your batch will look forward to see your other amazing stunts again.


At the end of the day, everything that’s embarrassing and unfortunate as of the moment can always turn into a source of genuine laughter and smiles.