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Supplements, Good Or Bad?

Supplements, Good Or Bad? | BayanMall


bowl of vitamins

Supplements or to be precise dietary supplements are vitamins, minerals, herbs, and many other products. They sell in forms of tablets, capsules, soft gels, and gel caps. They are taken to defend our health from the effects of ageing. It also provides protection from other well known diseases. But the question still remains, is it good or bad?


For me, it depends. Yet, I will give you some precaution before buying and taking any of it. First, always talk with your doctor. It is imperative to ask your doctor about taking a supplement, especially if you’re pregnant or nursing a baby. Not only that, consider also if you are about to have surgery or you have a health condition because some supplements have side effects.


variety of food

Eat a variety of foods. Dietary supplements are not intended to be a food substitute. They cannot replace all of the nutrients and benefits of whole foods. In addition, there are vitamins and minerals that are not found in a vitamin or mineral supplements. Sometimes, man made vitamins are not recognized by the body. They usually pass in urine or stored in fat. Unlike the supplements, natural vitamins from food are used by our body.

use your judgment wisely

Use your judgment wisely. The producers of supplements are not required to test their products for safety and effectiveness. They don’t get through the government like Food and Drug Administration (FDA) because they treat them as food and not medically. This means they can just distribute it directly to the market. Somehow, the ingredients are reviewed for safety purposes, but not being approved for its effectiveness.

larger amount of pills

Do not take a bigger dose than the label recommends. Taking too much of some supplements can lead to harmful consequences and worst, life-threatening. If the food you are eating doesn’t include essential nutrients, then supplements can help. But of course, the key is eating a healthy food. Above all, Do not just rely only on supplements.

Supplements, Good Or Bad? | BayanMall