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6 Tips to Choose the Best Wedding Cake

6 Tips to Choose the Best Wedding Cake | BayanMall

I know you can relate when I say that there’s just too many things to think about when getting married. You have to plan everything from the locations, to the outfits including the wedding dress, guests, invitations, giveaways, food, etc. Whew! Pretty tiring just thinking about it. But we’re here to help you cross one important thing out of your to do list – picking your wedding cake.


Here are 6 tips to help you choose the best wedding cake:

Style and Motif

The first thing you need to do is identify the cake style you want. Some couples want their cake to be in the color motif of the wedding, others want it to show their personality by putting designs that have meaning to them like travel themed designs or adding couple cake toppers, others want cakes that are both elegant and classy.  Search the internet or wedding magazines for cake pegs.

Bake for us, Baker!

wedding-cake baker

Bakers have different expertise when it comes to cakes and you must find the right baker that can make you the cake you want. Check the internet for trusted cake shops & bakers, look for reviews and recommendations, check photos of their work, visit their shop if they have one, inquire and don’t be afraid to ask.

Pocket Friendly Price

Always check your budget. Cakes today have different styles and prices. Additional toppings, designs, flavors, and layers mean more money. Find a bakeshop that can work with your set budget and still give you a fabulous looking and good tasting cake.

Ultimate Taste Test


Once you’ve chosen your baker, schedule for a taste test of their cakes because not only should your cake look pretty, it should taste delicious too!

The Weather and The Cake

Since we live in a tropical country, it can get really hot outside. So if you’re having an outdoor reception, you should probably consider getting a cake that doesn’t melt easily. Discuss your reception venue to your baker so he/she can suggest the best ingredients to use for your cake.

Wedding Cake Packages / Souvenir Cakes

Some cakes now offer you additional mini cakes that you can give to sponsors or guests. A mini cake for sponsors can also be a souvenir gift to them.

Product Delivery

Make sure that your cake will be delivered to you at the venue of your wedding reception.


Here are 3 Wedding Cake Packages you can check out: Promise Wedding Package, Romance Wedding Package and Vow Wedding Package. 3 cakes that fit your style, budget and taste – baked only by the best. From as low as Php 5,964 you can have a beautiful & delectable wedding cake that can be shared to guests and mini cakes that can be given to your ninongs and ninangs. We deliver these straight to your reception venue anywhere in the Philippines.

We wish you a happy and blissful wedding planning! Hoping to be part of your beautiful celebration soon!

6 Tips to Choose the Best Wedding Cake | BayanMall

BayanMall Offers New Sweet Delights!

BayanMall Offers New Sweet Delights!

Whatever season it is, sweets and deserts will always be a part of a Filipino’s delight. Cakes, polvorons, breads are just some of the sweet cravings Filipinos all over the world commonly share. That’s why BayanMall made a way to help you send these to the Philippines. Tour yourself on our webpage and take a quick look of our new and best-offered sweets.


  1. Breads

Give it a shot for our Goldilocks Apple Raisin Loaf for only 71.00 pesos. This tasty bread with apple raisins is fit for your healthy living diet because it contains no trans fat.

Here’s another Goldilocks product, the Dinner Rolls containing 12 pieces in a pack for as low as 68.16 pesos. This sweet bread rolls is also health and taste wise. It contains Vitamin A and has no amount of trans fat unlike other commercial breads in the market.


  1. Cake Rolls

Next to our list is the upbeat delicious cake rolls.

The Mocha nut Crunch Roll whole is flavored with mocha and caramel filling crushed with praline. The entire 17- long cake roll is ornamented with cream rosettes and chocolate decors with the entire crust surface covered with mocha butter cream icing. In just 417.48 pesos you can now buy this yummy 1200g cake roll.

We also have the famous Brazo Mercedes roll for only 433.10 pesos. This 1200g meringue roll is filled with golden yellow filling. It is also topped with a wavy sweet design and sprinkled with few bits of sugar.


  1. Greeting Cakes

Send these greeting cakes to your loved ones as they celebrate an important event of their lives. The Luscious Caramel Cake is a combination of mocha and vanilla delight filled with vanilla and caramel fillings. This caramel cake is garnished with caramel icing and sprinkled with caramel butter sauce. Taste this luscious caramel cake for only 575.10 pesos.

We also have Choco Chiffon Square with a size of 8×12 for only 702.90. Its large dimensions can perfectly feed many savoring stomachs with a sweet chocolate surprise.


  1. Polvoron

Entice positivity with these tasty and premium made polvorons.

The Peanut Polvoron pack contains 24 pieces of polvoron that will surely hook your taste for only 164.72 pesos.

While the Polvoron Selections is also another product sold in pack containing 20 pieces. Enjoy the yummy taste of these assorted polvorons for only 266.96 pesos.


  1. Premium Cakes

This batch of premium cakes will surely enchant you with its very promising taste.

The Choco Mousse (8-round) is a chocolate cake rich in moist choco butter and iced with freshly whipped cream. The creamy crust if carved with laces and cream borders with its top filled with chocolate chips. The entire cake is sprinkled with chocolate ganache and choco vermicelli. It costs as low as 773.90 pesos.

The Black Forest Cake is a chocolate cake filled with creamy cherry fillings. It is iced with chocolate sauce and flakes underneath the smoothened surface of whipped cream. The 1600g cake is garnished with sweet cherries and creamy rosettes. It only costs 837.00 pesos. BLACK FOREST CAKE BIG (8″ ROUND)


  1. Wedding Cakes

Buy wedding cakes and surprise the marrying couple with these wedding cakes delight! With the Romance Wedding Package, you can already have a 3-layer mocha fondant cake together with another six mini cakes for sponsors and 24 polvoron cakes for guests.

We also have the Promise Wedding Package with a single layer mocha fondant wedding cake and four miniature cake for guests and sponsors as well.

These are just a few of the many delicious cakes you can now purchase in BayanMall Online Shop. For further information and options, visit our webpage and scan the sweets that will click upon your taste. Enjoy shopping!