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Soldier’s baby died 3 hours after he sacrificed his life for the country

A soldier father and his baby dies on the same day

Last September 16, a pregnant woman went on to a forced labor after hearing the death of her boyfriend, Corporal Jaime Invento, during the battle at Bato Mosque in Marawi. Unfortunately, their baby died three hours after his death. According to the news information, she became so stressed after she knew of her husband’s death and resulted to the early birth of their baby.

This Armed Forces of the Philippines successfully forced the Maute Group to abandon Bato Mosque in Marawi after a five hour long battle during that day. Among them was Corporal Jaime Invento, a scout ranger. A bullet fatally hit him in his neck which killed him immediately. The operation left four other soldiers wounded.

Moreover, the government forces were able to rescue two hostages: Catholic Priest Terisoto “Chito” Suganob and Lordvin Ocopio, a teacher of Dansalan College in Marawi. Chito Suganob has been a hostage of the Maute Terrorists for almost four months.

To date, Corporal Invento is the 45th scout ranger killed-in-action in Marawi City.

The Final Battle

Here’s what the Scout Ranger Books Facebook fan page posted:

Katulad ng typical Scout Ranger, si late Corporal Jaime Invento ay tahimik lang. Pero sa dedication niya sa trabaho, siya yung tipong ipapagkatiwala mo ang buhay mo sa kanya. Napakabait din na kaibigan dahil bago nila simulan ang mission na kunin ang ISIS stronghold na Bato Mosque kahapon, minabuti pa niyang regaluhan ng combat boots ang kanyang buddy na may birthday kahapon. Pero sa pag assault nila sa mosque, natamaan siya sa leeg ng dalawang bala at namatay on the spot. Sa kasamaang palad, di kinaya ng misis niya ang masamang balita at nag forced labor. Namatay ang kanilang bagong silang na anak tatlong oras lang pagkatapos mamatay ang kanyang Daddy Ranger. Si late Jaime Invento ang pang 45 na killed-in-action namin na Scout Ranger. Mag request po kami ng dasal para sa kanyang kaluluwa at para sa anak niya.

[Translation: Like a typical scout ranger, the late Corporate Jaime Invento was a silent person. But when it comes to his dedication to his job, he’s the type of person you can entirely trust and depend on. He’s a very kind friend. Before they started the mission to take the ISIS stronghold in Bato Mosque yesterday, he gave his combat boots to his buddy as a birthday gift. But when they had the assault at the mosque, he was hit twice in the neck and died on the spot. Unfortunately, his wife wasn’t able to handle the sad news and had a forced labor. Their newborn baby died three hours after his Daddy Ranger died. The late Jaime Invento is our 45th scout ranger killed in action. We request for prayers for his and his child’s soul.]

Love Letters

During the interview with the Inquirer at St. Peter’s chapel last Sunday, Anne (not her real name) excused herself. She then went to her boyfriend’s coffin and continued scribbling on a piece of paper — a farewell letter to Invento.

“You have fought a good fight. It pains me more seeing you like this, but I’m letting you go now. Have a safe journey, Daddy. Always remember that you will always be my best ‘assaulter.’ You know how much I love you and I know how much you love me,” Anne said in her letter.

At the back of the paper is another letter for Invento written on June 29. She addressed the soldier as her “dearest superman” and wrote that she missed him.

“It’s been 36 days, eight hours, 15 minutes and 36 seconds since you went away. I know you are already tired and weary. Hold on, Mahal (my love), a little bit longer … and I love you so,” she said.

Sources: Scout Rangers Books and Philippines Daily Inquirer


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Asian countries urge sick travelers to report Zika symptoms | AP, Manila Bulletin

brazil-zika-birth-defects_b887e1f6-b446-11e5-9860-1d91036943d1The Zika virus is spreading rapidly in Latin America, and Asian governments have issued advisories in a bid to contain the spread of the disease, which could be linked to birth defects and can cause temporary paralysis. So far, no Zika case has been confirmed anywhere in Asia.

A look at some of the measures announced:

South Korea 

South Korean officials have advised pregnant women against traveling to Central and South America and required doctors to immediately report suspected cases.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare on Friday also included the Zika virus among the group of infectious diseases recognized and monitored as potential health threats. Doctors can now face fines of up to 2 million won ($1,654) for failing to report patients infected by the mosquito-borne disease or showing symptoms of infection.

The Korea Center for Disease Control and Prevention has also been sending text messages to people traveling in the Zika regions to inform them of the disease and preventive measures. An official from the center said it has no plans yet to strengthen temperature checks at airports as that would only stoke unnecessary fear.



Health authorities have asked travelers from South and Central America who display symptoms such as fever and rashes to immediately report to health centers.

Deputy Health Director Dr. Lokman Hakim Sulaiman said the move was imperative as it was not practical to conduct public health screenings at national gateways.

“The virus is difficult to detect and there is no quick point-of-care test which can be used,” he said.



Japan’s Foreign Ministry has issued a safety advisory urging women to try to avoid traveling to Brazil and other affected countries during pregnancy, and advised all travelers to the area to use caution. It suggested wearing long sleeves and pants, using mosquito sprays and avoid leaving out buckets, empty gardening pots and other containers that can catch water, and report to medical institutions in case of developing suspected symptoms.

The health authorities asked medical facilities to advise pregnant women not to visit the Zika areas, conduct test on suspected patients returning from the areas and send samples to the national lab.



The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is advising pregnant women to avoid travel in areas where Zika is active.

The federal government is also asking Australian doctors to look out for signs of Zika infection in travelers returning from affected areas. A spokeswoman said Australian laboratories could diagnose the virus if required.



Health Minister Shri J. P. Naddahas has stressed the control of the spread of Aedes mosquitoes that transmit dengue and the Zika virus and breed in clean water.

“Community awareness plays an instrumental role in this regard. There is a need for greater awareness amongst community,” he said.

India is also stepping up surveillance and has set up a technical group to monitor the situation.



Health officials are advising pregnant women and those planning pregnancy to adopt necessary anti-mosquito precautions, and consider deferring trips to areas with Zika virus transmissions.

Secretary for Food and Health Dr. Ko Wing-man also said that because only up to one quarter of the infected persons might develop relatively mild illness, “the attention was therefore not too big.”

Aedes mosquitoes are currently not found in Hong Kong, the Health Department said, but the secretary said that other species of mosquito present in the territory are also considered as possible carriers of the disease.



The Vietnamese health authority has warned people coming from countries with the Zika virus to monitor their health for 14 days and if they develop fever to report to medical facilities.

The health authority also warned people to empty water containers and use mosquito nets to prevent the possible spread of the virus.


Associated Press writers Eileen Ng in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Mari Yamaguchi in Tokyo; Rod McGuirk in Canberra, Australia; Ashok Sharma in New Delhi; Kelvin Chan in Hong Kong and Tran V. Minh in Hanoi, Vietnam, contributed to this report.