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Juan : New Hero ‘Suki’ of the Month

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“Behind his every smile lies a well of tears, at the back of every ‘I love you’ hides a longing sadness deep within. Despite of how the world tries to dictate his life, Juan fights against the trend and tries to save his family, his only treasure in life. He took the courage to risk in going afar to give them a brighter future ahead. Indeed, Juan is a hero in his own ways, a hero to his loved ones and fellowmen. Yet, his heroic sacrifice is only perceived behind the scene wherein no one notices and no one really cares.”

Juan’s journey briefly describes how our new heroes of today gambled their life to fate. Of how they were filled with doubts and ‘what ifs’, yet they pursued to travel across the globe carrying the burden of despair and longing; all for their loved ones’ sake.

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In spite from all their sacrifices and hardships, people easily put verdict on them, mocking their dignity and character. People create those stereotype impressions, questioning their pride and self worth. Some say they are desperate Filipinos, dying to munch even the last scent in their wallet. But these people didn’t know the things beyond all this. Nobody knows how much they tremble with grief and sadness of being alone to a foreign land. People don’t feel the wincing of their heart agonizing from the pain physically, emotionally and even socially. In the first place, OFWs who work abroad only wish to bring his family joy and satisfaction in life through sending money to sustain their needs, in which sometimes they gain insults and humiliations. Yes they might be desperate in the eyes of others but this desperation is anchored with their love and sincerity. Also, this desperation is what keeps their families alive and moving forward from the miseries of life.

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Overseas Filipino Workers are people worthy to be applauded and highlighted in front of the stage. They deserve to have the spotlight of respect and warm welcome from everybody.  Through the money they send, our country benefits from the remittances. They are not parasites neither traitors, for it is poverty and crises that betrayed them. Unlike others, they don’t just do their job because they love what they are doing, but it is love that pushes them to do so. Out of their genuine heart, they left their comfort zone to face the horrifying battlefield. They allowed the world to take away their happiness in exchange to give their family the bread of life. These people are more than just all those mocking identities and stereotypes, unlike gems and stones their worth never fades away. They are more precious than money and fame for their rate value is constantly boundless.

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OFWs are indeed heroes in their own ways, skilled with superpowers of love and generosity. Just like any other Filipinos no matter what rank he is in the society, they also deserve to receive glory and pride from their own country. They humbled themselves the moment they chose to be deserted on a foreign land, now let us exalt and acknowledge their sacrifices and good works.

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In line with this, their fellow Filipinos made a way to help them have a constant communication and connection to their friends and families in the Philippines. Bayan Mall Online Shopping was created to help OFWs from the different parts of the world to send their message and token of love through sending goods and gift items to their loved ones. The idea was formulated to allow the OFWs to extend their sincere presence to their hometown fellowmen. The online shop sells different products such as rice, cakes, gadgets, groceries and other necessities on a low justified price. Unlike other online shopping center, Bayanmall can be comprehended and accessed easily. In fact, with no hassle they can make surprises during special days and occasions by transacting online regarding their inquiries and orders. In just a short span of time, their order will be delivered to the address of the receiver whichever part of the country. Above all else, Bayanmall treats every customer a family, a friend and a true ‘kababayan’.

Suki of the Month
Suki of the Month

Now it is your time to shine and expose your inspiring life story to the world. Take part in the Bayanmall’s promo and be our ‘suki’ of the month. Simply buy and avail Bayanmall products, and grab the chance to be chosen as the ‘suki of the month’. The more products you buy the more chances of winning! The lucky winner will have his family picture posted on the webpage, plus he will receive 1 sack of rice or Ph3,000.00 worth of groceries for his family and if he wishes, he can have the story of his family featured too. Don’t go wasting another opportunity to make your loved ones happy, pour and shout out your love to the world and become our‘Ultimate Suki of The Month’.

Juan, Tara!



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