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Student Health Tips For A Busy Student

Student Health Tips For A Busy Student | BayanMall


Student Health

Students are occupied with a lot of things to do. They study for their subject in order to pass. They have to endure a strict teacher or instructor. They are obliged to involve in an extra curricular activities not just academically. They have a social and personal life to worry about. That’s why they forget to remember their self and the need to be healthy. Here are some student health reminders to keep with your hectic schedule.

  1. Don’t forget to eat. Always have your breakfast and never skip meals. Take a snack during your free time if you had.
  2. Have an exercise. If time permits, walk or ride a bike from your class or from your house to your school. Grab the opportunity to join intramural. Choose a sport and enlist to that club.
  3. Get enough sleep. Don’t overwork yourself by studying late at night and staying party with your friends. Avoid eating and drinking caffeinated beverages during bedtime.
  4. Never consume an alcoholic drink. This can only give you a headache and makes you vomit. It can lose your focus and concentration.
  5. Quit smoking. It can risk your life.
  6. Drink a lot of water. This will give you energy and stops you from eating much.
  7. Say no to drugs. It will endanger your mental and physical health. There is a high chance you’ll become addicted to it.
  8. Find a friend. Having a buddy can make things easier, and fun.
  9. Take vitamins. Just to ensure you are healthy and free from sickness.
  10. Set Goals. This will motivate you and stay in your right track.

Student Health

Now, it’s up to you to follow these tips and put it into action. The key to achieve this is balance. You must balance all the things you do to have a healthy life and become more productive as a student.

Student Health Tips | BayanMall



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