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Send Gifts in the Philippines: Ignite the Fire of Giving

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As we give, our hearts grow mature. As we give, we gain much for ourselves. As we give, we become winners and not losers. We become fulfilled and not empty, for that is the ironic principle of giving. Although you give out something, it is you who will gain more.

“Wala ng magpapasaya pa sa isang magulang kundi ang makitang nakangiti at masaya ang kanyang mga anak.”

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Indeed, this is true to all Filipino parents who are ever genuine and loving. Until their last breath, they would still desire to give their family the best of everything. Not because they are obliged to do so, or it is what the world dictates them to do so; not because their children are the best or worst but because they love them unconditionally. The love much and give much, though as they give they do not lose but gain. They receive a warm ‘thank you’ and smiles from the ones they love. Through this they get their strength and foundation to fight against all odds even if it means to go away from them and live across the globe. To work on a foreign land with no one to lean on or to linger with. To leave their families and friends just to give them a better living. These people are not only incredible, they are extremely fantastic and beautiful inside and out. No wonder these Filipinos are called ‘heroes’ of this generation, for they help not only their family but also their countrymen. Through their hardships and sacrifices, they make every hearts be filled with love and happiness.

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As our world becomes modernized each day, different ways are also developed to make life easier. As for our OFWs, through technology and social media their co-Filipinos found a way to help them connect to their families by sending gifts in the Philippines via online. With no hassle and delays, they can now give their children and friends the things that they ones wished to give. Through Bayan Mall online shop they can buy products and items such as groceries and food like cakes and lechon, gadgets, school supplies, motorcycle vehicles, rice, flowers and many more. OFW’s can choose wisely with the guides on the page. Thus, they can make inquiries about their concerns regarding the products they’d like to send in the Philippines.

With Bayan Mall, OFW’s can send gifts in the Philippines and ignite the fire of giving in their hearts.

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