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Send Flowers in the Philippines: Color Her Day with Love!

send flowers in the philippines

“Roses are red, violets are blue. If women don’t exist, what would mere men do?”

Women were made after the likeness of men. They were created to be gentle and pure, to love and to be loved. It’s in their nature to be selfless and give like a mother does to her child. Like what Sushmita Sen said, the essence of a woman is giving birth to a child. She is the mother of human kind, who composes the different levels and position in the society. No one can deny how they also out stand men in different aspects, which make them equally brilliant and competent. As a proof to this, there are names of women arising in different industries in which they excel and lead.

send flowers in the philippines

“Roses are red, violets are blue. If I send her flowers in the Philippines, would that be too hard for me to do?”

Compared to men’s physical strength, they may be comparably weak. Their force might be too little to withstand the power and strength men possess. Thus, women know more on how to deal with emotions. Yes, they are emotional and very sentimental. They are easily moved with a lot of things and gestures, for that is how they are made. To appreciate every living in this world and welcome them with a warm caress and love. But unlike men, they know more on how to face their battles in life; even though they end up crying and hurting. In this way, they earn bravery and boldness to carry on and move forward. Some might say they are overreacting in a lot of matters, but they don’t know how and why a woman does it. Of how she endures all the pains and wound the world is trying to scrape in her heart yet she enjoys the essence of her existence. Of why she continues to press on despite difficulties in life, in spite of all the discrimination and insults she gets in return to her kindness and generosity. No one can tell the depth of a woman’s heart and character. You can only see and define her through outward basis. However, none can dig deeper unto her soul, not unless you learn to love and understand her. Not until you stop for a moment and appreciate her value and existence.

send flowers in the philippines

“Roses are red, violets are blue. To send flowers in the Philippines is to send her my adoration and I love you.”

A mother, daughter, friend, girlfriend, partner, aunt, niece, teacher, grandmother and a wife. They take a large responsibility just as men do. With their emotional strength and ability to discern, we find comfort and peace.

Today, it is our time to make them feel that they are indeed special and one of a kind. Give them the things that would make them smile and happy. Even with a single bouquet of flowers, tell them how much you love and treasure them in your life. Life in this world is not constant and endless. Everything has its bounds and limits. Would it take half of your life to make every woman in your life happy? Would it make you less to give her flowers on an ordinary day and tell her she’s valued and loved? If you are far away, on a distance to work across the deep waters and tall mountains, will you let miles to hinder you from making her smile and laugh? They don’t asking for everything, yet they are very willing to give their everything. Because that’s who they are, like a flower that undergoes a deep process of rain and drought but in the end survives and blooms, giving joy to whoever finds it.

send flowers in the philippines

Send flowers in the Philippines, send a bouquet of love to your wife, daughter, friend, mother or to any woman you know who’s worth to be applauded. Send your hugs and kisses through every petal of it which represents how much you long to see them. On their ordinary day, send flower in the Philippines and make them feel extraordinary.

If you are an OFW, you don’t need to think thrice of its expenses and time. For Filipinos found a way to help you do it in an easier way. Through BayanMall Online Shop, you can treat all the women in your life without running out of your budget. In this online shop, you can browse for different bouquet of flowers and choose in which to order. In a minute, you can transact regarding the payments and address of the receiver whichever part of the Philippines she may be.

Send flowers in the Philippines and color her day with love. Send flowers in the Philippines and draw a smile in their hearts. At the end of the day, behind all these things it is the mere thought of giving that overwhelms their soul, reminding them that they are still remembered and precious to you.

For more information on how to send flowers in the Philippines, please CLICK HERE.



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