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Rodrigo Duterte, I Admire You!

Rodrigo Duterte, I Admire You! | BayanMall

Rodrigo Duterte

If you are a “Dabawenyo” you would probably know Rodrigo Duterte. But if not, I’ll introduce him for you. Rodrigo Duterte is known as Rody or Digong. He has been a mayor in Davao City for seven terms. That makes him the longest mayor in the Philippines He also serve as vice-mayor and congressman in that city. What makes him well known?

Well, it is because of his leadership. During his term of service, Duterte imposed some ordinances like the prevention of selling, serving, drinking and consumption of liquors and alcoholic beverages from 1:00 am until 8:00 am. Not only that, he also sets speed limits around the jurisdiction of Davao and implement the firecracker ban. Because of him, the city is known for its anti-smoking ordinance and the only 911 emergency service in Asia.


Because of these accomplishments, Duterte won the National Literacy Hall of Fame Award for three times. He got the first place in the Outstanding Local Government Unit Highly Urbanized City category. Above all, Davao City is now the 4th safest city in the world. This happens because of his strict control of criminals that lives in the city.

Of course, some people don’t like him. He was accused as being the mastermind of a vigilante group known as Davao Death Squad or DDS. This group was reportedly responsible for the criminal killings in Davao City. In spite of this news, others encourage him to run for president in the Philippines.


Recently, Rodrigo Duterte announced his final decision not to run for the presidency position. Many felt dismay. Naturally, we can’t force him with his decision. All we have to do is respect it. This is the excerpt of his speech. “I therefore beg for everyone’s kind understanding and acceptance of my sincerest apologies. After all, there was no ambition for me to aspire for the presidency. The country does not need me. I find no need for it too. I guess it is fate that wills that our long journey together should end this way.”  

I still admire Rodrigo Duterte for his decision. Yes, I’m sad, but it’s okay. For me, he is a great leader. I am thankful for his service in the Davao City. The city improves because of him. Long live Duterte!

Rodrigo Duterte, I Admire You! | BayanMall




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