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Top 3 Most Popular Rice for Sale in the Philippines: Tipid Sulit in Bayan Mall

Rice for Sale in the Philippines

Kahit kaunting bigas man lang sana ay maambunan kami dito. Maawa naman sana ang mga taong nakakapanood nito lalo na yung nasa gobyerno.

It’s undeniable that rice or ‘bigas’ as what we Filipinos call it has been an important part of our daily meal. The line above was spoken by a typhoon victim just recently who appeared on national TV asking for help and donations. As I noticed, almost all of them asked for a sufficient rice supply which seemed to be never enough.

rice for sale in the philippines
Rice for Sale in the Philippines

Unlike other race and culture, we had it as a practice to eat meals together with several cups of rice to satisfy our hunger and need for energy and strength. Thus, the rice production nowadays has been affected by the growing global crisis and natural phenomena destroying great part of our country’s rice fields. This created a shortage and increase in price amount all over the market. However, thanks to our ever hardworking farmers and manufacturers for we still have the top 3 most popular rice for sale in the Philippines up until now on a manageable fair price.

Sinandomeng Rice

First we have the Sinandomeng’ rice which is the traditional favorite of every Filipino family. It has 3 types which are the ‘’special’, ‘fancy’, and ‘regular’. The fancy ‘Sinandomeng’ rice is also called as “laon” meaning ‘old rice’. When cooked, the rice grain becomes fairly soft and ‘maalsa’. Unlike the commonly bought by people, ‘Sinandomeng’ special rice gives a delicious aroma and taste after being cooked. Also, its grains become soft and smooth. The last type is the regular one. It is the mixture of the two types above which also appeals to the taste of the consumers.

Long Grain Rice

Next we have the “Long Grain Rice” which is mostly abundant in Asia. From the name itself, the length of the grain of this type is longer up to 4 times as long as its width. Many say that this rice gives an advantage to those who prefer a dry and fluffy rice meal. After cooking, the grain becomes firm and dry, easily separated from the grains even from the container. The long grain rice is said o be much more flavorful unlike the shorter one just like the famous brown rice sold in the market.

Dinorado Rice

Last but not the least is the “Dinoradorice which is considered special among other types. In the country, it is largely produced from the rice belt of North Cotabato, the Arakan Valley. Dinorado is nature upland rice giving a pinkish grain, sweet aroma and soft fluffy texture. This rice has been a pride to their province, leaving a mark to the rice industry. Not like the others, this is especially ought for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings and fiestas of course because of its high eating and processing quality.


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