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Read and Understand God’s Word – Ways To Lead You For Better Understanding

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In our daily lives, it is important to go on equipped with the right guidance with us. Especially in making decisions, it is necessary to consult the One who acquires wisdom beyond the mountains and oceans, whose roar of knowledge is louder than the fiery lions. Before we wake up, we ask for His divine guidance and presence to fill us up. In every step we take, we always consult Him through His word, the Bible. However, most try to read the Scripture but can’t well comprehend. Maybe we should take it step by step to surely swallow God’s words in our mind, heart, soul and spirit to let His glory manifest in our lives through actions. In this article, you can read ways of how to start your journey with God through read His promises and advice through the Bible.

  1. Book of Mark.

Reading the book of Mark is a good start for those who want to understand the Bible well. This account will give you a clear narrative of how Jesus changed the world through his magnificent glory. In other words, it is a short biography of Jesus Christ, written by a boy who witnessed His good works and miracles personally as He did his ministry in the world of humanity.

  1. Book of Acts.

This book is a powerful grip to one’s walk in faith with Jesus Christ. You can read apostle Paul’s life changing stories and experiences unveiling his faithfulness and zeal in selflessly serving God and His people. It will also be a good way to ignite your fire in sharing the Good News to the world.

  1. Book of Romans.

Romans is just one of the personal accounts of apostle Paul. It tackles about how God genuinely loves, forgives and accepts even the worst sinners. After you finish reading, proceed to the other remaining books of the New Testament.

  1. Book of Genesis. Understand how God perfectly made everything through His word, of how he created life through His mere breath. Read stories of the people who personally encountered God and how their lives turned 360 degrees afterwards. There are many warnings and promises of God written here for His mighty people.

After Genesis, you can continue reading other books named after their main characters like Esther, Joshua, Job and many more. Remember it is better to complete the entire book to never skip a detail. You never know if God’s promises or revelation for you is in that particular book or verse!

  1. Book of Psalms and Proverbs.

The book of Psalms and Proverbs serve as good guide towards our walk with God. Psalms teaches us how to have noble heart in praising and worshipping the Lord even if it’s the hardest thing to do as of the moment. You can read and attest how David revealed everything to God that’s why he was called ‘ the man after God’s own heart’. Meanwhile, proverbs contains words of insights and wisdom from God to give us protection, provision and even direction in our journey.

  1. Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel.

Save the longer books of prophets on the last part of your reading. This is to make sure that you are already prepared and equipped to receive His messages with deeper meaning and thoughts as the Spirit leads. Besides, the content of these books contain the same Truth with the other book accounts included in the Bible.

  1. Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

These are book of God’s laws and instructions. Read how God gave his instructions, reminders and laws to His people. Within these three books are the glorious testimony of how faith in God can save lives, bring victory over a nation and bring forth joy and life.

 Praying to God

But before anything else, never forget to do the right thing and that is to PRAY. Ask the favor of the Lord and allow you to understand everything you read in His word. Ask the Holy Spirit to intervene in you and instill your mind and spirit with wisdom and knowledge.

Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.

-Matthew 7:7



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