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Pinoy Ka Kapag . . . (A Trace to Filipino Values)

Pinoy Ako

“uhmm, kapag sweet at masayahin ka.”

“pinoy ka kapag hospitable at mapagbigay.”

“uh, pilipino ka kapag mahirap ka!”

Eh ikaw? Pinoy ka kapag . . .

We asked common Filipinos along the street and institutions of what values indicate the true mark of a Filipino and we ended up with the same variety of answers. Values whch could be classified into four, the often recited in our flag ceremony which is a part of the “Panatang Makabayan”.


tutuparin ko ang aking tungkulin bilang mamamayang MakaDiyos, MakaTao, MakaKalikasan at MakaBansa.”

Thus, do we ever understand at what cost will it take us to become all of these?

MakaDiyos. Filipinos are one of the countries in the world with the most number of catholic Christians. We believe in the supernatural power of God who created the heaven and earth, the one who bring forth life to mankind. Filipinos value the morality of each towards their actions, words and thoughts. We hold and participate in many church activities in occasions such as ‘simbang gabi’, ‘way of the cross’ and ‘semana santa’.  Even in our daily lives, most Filipinos still practice praying before meals, before and after we sleep and in any life decisions we make we always consult his divine guidance. As a sign of thankfulness to God’s promises and faithfulness Filipinos also faithfully commit for the expansion of  his kingdom. Lastly, it is more appropriate to call them ‘faithful believers’ than ‘religious people’ for it is the Lord in which we believe that they serve and not the religion itself.

A young Filipino girl and her brother receive food aid at a centre in Tacloban

Makatao.Madaling maging tao ngunit mahirap magpakatao.” We often hear this line from teleseryes. What does it ake to be called ‘makatao’ then? Simple, by respecting each other’s rights and opinions regardless of the existing differences in between. Filipinos are excellent in portraying a good model of people with values, virtues and integrity. Filipinos are naturally kind, gentle, generous, hospitable, hardworking, obedient and polite which made a great impact to the world. Who would ever miss out their ‘po’ and ‘opo’ as a sign of respect to people older or in a higher position towards them. Filipinos are in fact featured in international news for being united and positive despite the calamities, and crises that occur in our country. One example is the selfie photos of our kababayan after the Yolanda hit cities and towns in Visayas region. It became a trending topic worldwide and surely it did touch the hearts of others making them realize that life is good. With all of these noble ‘makatao’ values, Filipino service in other parts of the world is well embraced and welcomed. All of them testified how responsible, loyal and trustworthy Filipinos are in terms of business and even in friendly relationships. Indeed, Philippines has become a fertile ground for growing noble group of people.

  • Filipinos are also great advocates in protecting our nature. As a matter of fact, there exist different national and local organizations and agencies which aim to preserve mother earth such as the national agency Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI). They conduct clean and green projects such as coastal clean ups, tree planting and proper garbage disposal. Our government too has been supportive with these propaganda preserving our environment where in fact each local government conduct and facilitate their own movement towards saving mother earth. Clean and green movement had reached even the campus grounds creating different clubs and student organizations such as YESO; encouraging students to engage themselves towards the advocacy of protecting and saving our kalikasan.


MakaBansa. ‘Taas noo kahit kanino, ang Pilipino ay ako.’Inspite the arising issues of graft and corruption anomalies in our country, there are more reasons to be proud of it. Filipinos are known for such strong passion for nationalism and loyalty towards the country even before the modern times. Great examples for that are our heroes; who fought for our freedom and rights to live, serve and lead in our own territory, the Philippines. Lapu-lapu, Bonifacio, Rizal and Ninoy Aquino; these are just some of the brave ones who laid their lives to claim our kalayaan. Even up to this date, we are still fighting for our total independence against any control from foreign countries. Filipinos are known worldwide for having such mind for active revolution no matter what cost it may bring as long as our spirit is one in reaching goals for peace, freedom and justice. In ordinary days, nationalism can also be seen and observed through simply abiding and respecting the laws that exist. And the root of it all is our love for our very own country, Inang Bayan, ang Pilipinas. These are just some of the ways of how Filipinos show our patriotic love and compassion for the Philippines in which we will honor and serve for the rest of their lives.


Pinoy ka kapag… it’s your time to answer this hanging statement of what Filipino values should we possess. Better yet, ask yourself this: MakaDiyos, MakaTao, MakaKalikasan at MakaBansa. Eh teka, Pinoy ka nga ba?



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