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Philippines is a Budget Travel Destination for 2016, Forbes Says | Choose Philippines

A business magazine already said it!

American business magazine, Forbes, included Metro Manila in the list article “The Ten Best Budget Travel Destinations for 2016.” In the piece written by Alexandra Talty, founding EIC of StepFeed in the Middle East and contributor at Forbes, last December 2015, she noted that the Philippines “has long been overlooked as a south-east Asia travel destination, but it’s now starting to attract the attention it deserves.

(Photo from Paulo Alcazaren; January 10, 2016)
(Photo from Travel Insider Rehj Payunan Medina)

The Philippines ranked no. 4 in the list. She zeroes in on Manila, despite the pollution and congestion, as a capital city that’s just waiting to be discovered and explored. It is the home of Intramuros, also called the “Walled City,” which was  fortified with defensive walls during the Spanish colonial period to protect the seat of government from foreign invasion. At present, the old buildings, walls, and ruins are maintained as parks and heritage sites that serve as tourist destinations.

The contributor also cited Laguna, a province near Metro Manila, as a perfect place for adventurers and nature-lovers. It has the famous seven lakes of San Pablo, hot water spring of Los Baños, and loads of water sports at Caliraya.

Hulugan Falls, Laguna (Photo from Travel Insider Tobiel St. John)

Other places on Alexandra’s list are George Town in Malaysia, Xi’an in China, Barcelona in Spain, Thrace Region in Turkey, Morocco, Hungary, Croatia, and Puerto Rico.

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Credits: Alexandra TaltyChoose Philippines

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