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Philippine Tourist Attractions: A Tour to the Unknown Wonders

Philippine Tourist Attractions

Are you looking for a perfect getaway trip this season? Do you want to get rid of the stress and suffocating urban smoke in the city? Freshen up, hang out with friends and enjoy your trip as Bayan Mall tours you to the different Philippines tourist attractions you surely shouldn’t miss.

Pearl of the Orient Seas or otherwise known as our dearest ‘Inang Bayan’– Philippines. It’s undeniable that our country has been known world wide even centuries ago for the rich natural resources and wonders it possesses. Of course not to mention the warm and sincere welcome of the Filipinos which creates a good friendship and bond to the tourists.

However many of these tourist destinations are still not yet discovered and explored by many. So brace yourself as we tour you to the great unknown wonders in the Philippines.

Philippine Tourist Attractions
Basco Lighthouse, Batanes Philippines

Batanes Group of Islands. To our first spot; we will first travel to the northernmost part of the country. Within the Batanes group of Islands lie the fascinating sceneries of the different bodies of water and a clip of a clean and green environment. Most people go here for a fun water adventure such as snorkeling, diving, swimming, lighthouse visits and even for a tour in the ancient Ivatan houses built hundreds of years ago. In addition, the well preserved unique culture of Ivatans who were the first settlers of the place can also be observed as you mingle around with them.

Surfing in Siargao

Siargao Island. Now let us move forward to another island in the Philippines. The Siargao Island is a tear-drop shaped island in the Philippines Sea found in the province of Surigao del Norte. Siargao has a land area of 437 square kilometers approximately. Surrounding the island are the large mangrove forest reserves which is the largest in Mindanao. Given its location from the Pacific Ocean, Siargao tides are definitely huge and strong which makes it the ‘Surfing Capital of the Philippines’. And if you’re up to lying underneath the tanning heat of the sun, Siargao is also a perfect place to be. Aside from its white sandy beaches, at the heart of the island is a large group of beautiful coral reefs and dozens of tall coconut trees giving a fresh and cool breeze.

Image Source: Rene Sangco Photography
Image Source: Rene Sangco Photography

Biri Island Rock Formation. From an amazing body of water, let us go over to a solid ground. These four small and rocky islands of Biri are situated in the intersection of San Bernardino Strait and Pacific Ocean.

Within the bounds of these islands is a strong natural force keeping its distinct and interesting shapes. This island is also just right if you are wishing to explore the geological nature of the country. In fact, geologists from University of the Philippines cited their findings about the rocks in Biri which already existed way back Early Miocene Period, each rock with a range of 5 to 23 million years old.

Mount Kanlaon

Mount Kanlaon .Our next stop is perfectly fit for our mountain climbers and adventurers. The Mount Kanlaon is the highest peak in Central Visayas bisecting the island of Negros. To add up to the thrill, this volcano is active until now which adds to the thrill part of your adventure. You can also activate your artistic side as you visit its art galleries and museum. It also offers a long zipline trip and river trail adventure.


Panglao Island. Another white sand beach and resorts found in Bohol province within the municipalities of Dauis and Panglao. For a couple of years until the present time Panglao Island has always been included to the Philippine Top Beach attractions which were once featured on an episode in CNN. Indeed, this is a soothing alternative to the much more famous Boracay.

Caramoan Islands

Caramoan Islands. To complete the list is the group of islands in the province of Camarines Sur. the Caramoan Islands is a perfect spot just right for a serene and romantic atmosphere with its location away from the noisy and full-packed urban zone. You can go here as a couple or with friends and family to experience another level of fun and nerve wrecking adventure trip of snorkeling, hiking, diving and island hopping.

This is only a glimpse to these wonderful and stunning Philippines tourist attractions yet there’s still more. Now it’s your time to take part and walk unto the unknown wonders of the Philippine tourist attractions. Give yourself a break and have the best time of your life!



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