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Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) As A Hero

Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW)  As A Hero | BayanMall

OFW Hero

Do you consider OFWs as a hero? Let me help you decide if they are. But first, let’s define what a hero is or what qualities they possess. The word hero is a person or character who, in the face of danger and adversity or from a position of weakness, displays courage, bravery or self-sacrifice. From its definition, we get the trait of a true hero.They are courageful, brave, and unselfish, which makes them a noble and a good model.

Next, let use the adjectives if they fit to an OFW. First is the word, courageful. OFWs have the strength in the face of pain or grief. When I say pain and grief, these are the moments when they felt alone, sad, ill, and homesick. They have endured these emotions just to stay in their work and able to send money at home.

Second word is brave. They gamble or risk their life in another country, not knowing what will happen to them as they arrive in their designated area.They don’t know the culture of that place, but still they able to handle their self.They continue to face their unpleasant conditions of their working place and the behavior of their workmates and manager. On top of this, they don’t show their fears to their boss even if they are already afraid.

OFW Remit


Third, unselfish. OFWs think of their family first before they think of themselves. They sacrifice a lot for the sake of others. They strive hard to ensure that their kids’ future would be bright and that they would live a life that they dream of. They don’t care if they experience difficulty as long their left families have an ease and comfort life.

Besides of these attributes that a hero has. There are two things that stick out of being an OFW that makes them a hero. One is their great sacrifice of being apart with family, especially their children. It includes as well their disconnection during the celebration of special occasion that they truly treasure and miss. Plus, it is hard for them not to see their child grows beside them.

Two, they uplift our economy through the remittances that they send in the Philippines. It alleviates poverty and creates stable cash flow and circulation in our economy. They keep our country afloat by providing liquidity amid global financial crisis. In short, they just don’t secure the needs of their family, but our country as well.

OFW Bayani

Now, hopefully you can say in your mind that indeed OFWs are our modern hero in this time. But of course, you don’t have to be an OFW to become a hero. I know in your own simple way, you can be a hero. You can do this by giving your time in helping others and making them smile. Surely then, you can be a hero in that person’s heart.

Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW)  As A Hero | BayanMall



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