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Order Now Pay Later: Maagang Pamaskong Handog ng Bayan Mall


A time to laugh, a time to sing. A time to love, a time to give. There are no other holidays that would give us the same chills and excitement just as Christmas do. Giving and receiving of gifts, eating delicious food that’s not usually part of the daily menu and much more. Indeed, Christmas gives us a time to release, a time and space to remember how much we are loved and how much we give out love.

Image Source: Venues.PH
Image Source: Venues.PH

For Filipino families, Christmas or ‘Pasko’ is an occasion that should never be missed. Whether with a bunch of food on the dining or not; I believe Filipinos would still be happy anyway because our happiness does not rely on the concrete things which can be seen by our bare eyes alone. Rather than the shallow surface we always go beyond deeper, because love for us is so much like an abstract. We remember and treasure the thoughts and memories rather than how much they cost. We always like to capture every moment together with our loved ones and just have it with us forever, but the sad truth is we can’t. People come by and leave in our lives for a reason, whether prompted by the situation or memories from the past.

Asian Technicians or engineers working on valve

Today, our race had been scattered throughout the whole world. Filipinos are everywhere, most of them trying to get the comfort they’ve always dreamed of for themselves and most importantly for the people dear to them. Now they are more known now as Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs who have turned out to be our new heroes. Maybe not equipped with superpowers like the avengers but surely are capable of pouring out themselves just to save the world. Just like superman, these brave Filipinos who trade their life to fate in a foreign land also have their kryptonite. It is the weakest point in them but at the same time it is what gives them supernatural strength, to endure and fight amidst hardships and trials and that is their family. Unlike all the fiction superheroes out in the cinema, these heroes exist in reality. They are more authentic and genuine, with a heart directed to love and give.

Generous as they are, OFWs would want nothing but to make their loved ones happy and one way of doing such is to give. In the first place that’s the reason they went far away, to enable themselves to give more for their family. Now it is just days to go before Christmas, the most awaited year end celebration. And as it is fast approaching, our hearts are also trembling to give and receive. But that won’t be easy if you’re far away from the people you’d like to share the moment with, to share and exchange gifts and smiles.

Order Now Pay Later

Thus, Bayan Mall Online Shop is here not only to give solutions but to be the right answer to your problems. As early as this day, you can now order and pay later for your Christmas presents and surprise deliveries in the Philippines. Order as much as you want for your loved ones left in the country and pay later in the month of December. With this promo, you can make a reservation for your desired gifts before its price hikes as December approaches or before it’s already out of the market. You can save so much more and at the same assure yourself to be a ‘Santa Claus’ for a while. We will collect the payment a week before the event Christmas or New Year through your trusted banks, money remittance or through PayPal.

Isang maagang Pamaskong handog sa inyo ng BayanMall Online Shop. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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