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Top 5 OFWs Common Issues They Face | Best Online Shop in the Philippines

Being an overseas Filipino worker, or OFW, doesn’t solve all the problems a family may have. While the chance to earn more than one could have back home is a good thing, other issues may arise. Some may have simple solutions – such as the OFW and his or her children having Skype to keep in touch. Others are more complex.

  1. Providing basic necessities. Whether in cash or through actual goods, this is a primary problem of OFWs. Some can send packages home only every six months or so due to shipping costs. A visiting relative also can’t carry a lot with them, due to baggage fees. An online shopping mall in the Philippines may be able to solve this particular problem.

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  1. Not being able to save. You may have been working for three months or three years. But the result could still be the same – you have no idea where your salary went. Careful planning and budgeting can solve this, as can self-restraint in buying the latest gadgets or clothing.

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  1. Friends not paying debts. When in a foreign country, OFWs seek out fellow Filipinos and build a circle of friends from there. Sometimes, a friend would urgently need money. Filipinos are naturally helpful, so they’re not likely to say ‘no’. Learning to do so is a must, though, to avoid this kind of issue.

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  1. Indebtedness. Still on the subject of money, there’s the other side of the coin. Maybe an OFW has incurred a debt or two but was able to pay it off. But when debt runs too high and he’s unable to pay, that’s where the issue lies. Make a budget and stick to it as much as possible.

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  1. Illegal recruitment. If not properly educated on avoiding illegal recruiters, or on how to spot legitimate overseas deployment, would-be OFWs are easily persuaded. Money and effort are not only wasted, but it may be more difficult to get back home. As mentioned earlier, education and guidance from government agencies can help.

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There are more problems, whether big or small, which certainly can’t be solved all at once. An issue like providing groceries can be made easier with a Filipino online shopping in Dubai or another country. Otherwise, taking little steps to prevent them from occurring will help in the long run.



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