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Noli Vasallo: Leadership through Genuine Service

10353385_676723799068746_6249849610822893388_oFrom his humble beginnings, he has now become the father of many. Though he doesn’t possess all kinds of riches in the world he’s assured to be rich in love and care from the people he treats as his family. For him, family cannot be marginalized by blood and name alone, the essence of family is to be with the group of people you belong and bound with love. Indeed, he’s an extraordinary hero, friends, family, acquaintance and a father.

“Itinuring ko silang kapamilya na rin, kaya di na mahirap para sa akin na sila’y tulungan at pasayahin. After all, we are united by blood, color, race,friendship and love.”


Noli Vasallo started his life with a single hope of success and comfort in life for him and his family. Never did he imagined himself to be who he currently is, who serves and reaches out to his fellow Filipinos in St. Louis, Missouri to offer them a home and family. Just like any other Filipino, he went away from his family to earn a living. In fact, he’s been supporting his mother for almost 30 years. To him it was not an obligation or compliance for he did it out of love which is very natural for a loving man like him. But he believes money and financial support is not enough to convey his overflowing affection and care. Not later, he then found himself in a group of people who share the same passion as his: to love and serve. FAAMO is an association of Overseas Filipino reaching out to other Filipinos to give and receive love, comfort and find release from each other.


Today, Noli has become the president of the association having the same hope and advocacy. With his leadership, Filipinos there get the chance to gather and spend time to enjoy the Filipino delicacies they miss out from the country. He makes sure everyone is at ease and comfortable with the environment. Even though he can’t bring them to the Philippines, he believes he can bring Philippines unto them by bringing out the country’s culture and traditions. This effort can be easily observed in their occasional gatherings with traditional Filipino food, set-up and activities.

“Sobrang bait, simple and humble niyang tao. You can see it right through his words and actions. He’s become our ‘Tatay here,” quoted from his Overseas Filipino friend.


Before we miss another heroic act of Noli and his team, did you know that apart from the Overseas Filipinos, they also care deeply for their kababayan left in the country? As a matter of fact, they supported a fund raising activity to lend a hand to the recent super typhoon victims partnered with PCCI. FAAMO also supports students by means of giving scholarships. At the end of the day, these people only want to maintain and tighten the relationship between Filipino community wherever part of the world they may be.

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Now Christmas is fast approaching and FAAMO will again conduct a special gathering for Filipinos in St. Louis . They are currently preparing for the upcoming event: Pasko Na Naman 2014. Every Pinoy or pusong Pinoy is invited and encouraged to join and attend the surely fun and memorable gathering. This will be on December 20, 5pm-11pm at Maryland Heights Community Center, 2344 Mckelvery Rd., Maryland Heights, MO 6043. Be there in your semi-formal attire with your Filipino or American food (potlock). There will be raffle draws and a non-stop moment of party, singing and dancing. Plus, you will be entertained by the special presentation by Philippine Arts Foundation and other guest performers. Tickets are now available at 10$ per person (13 yrs.old and above). Kids are free as long as accompanied by a paying adult. Don’t miss this moment of your life! Tickets and seats are for reservation so first come first serve. For more inquiries, you can contact the man himself Mr. Noli Vasallo at 314-346-7473.

Kumanta, umindak at makisaya sa Pilipinong Handog ngayong Pasko 2014!



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