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Missing You

Missing You


Whenever I feel delighted, I always find myself suddenly frowning.

I wish you we’re here with me, enjoying this beautiful world together.

I do miss you. I really do.

Remembering every bit of you, I can feel my soul being ignited. Your scent that drives me fanatical. Your touch that secures me. Your stare that melts me. Your words that enthuse me. Your smile that completes me.

I may be lonely day by day but my heart never felt that I’m in solitude. Whenever I’m alone, I close my eyes and there I can see you.  I know that your love is with me. I can feel you. I wish I could just close my eyes ‘til the day you’ll be here by my side, again.

You are my greatest consolation. The photograph of you can feed my hungry soul.  You are my everyday vitamin. You’re making me strong . You nourishes my heart. You’re the cause why I stand with no fright and hesitation. Every time you give me your smiles, you brought me to a thousand miles.

Your love’s always been true and unconditional. You’re always there for every good times and bad times that I have gone through. That’s the reason why I gave this heart to you. I believe that we are meant to weep and laugh together. You are incomparable. No one in this world can replace you from my heart.

Silhouette of Girl against Overcast Sky

Now, I’m alone again and the thought of you came flashing right in my mind again. You and I intertwined right in my heart everyday. This made my day a treasure and that gave me such pleasure.

I always believe that our love will last forever. That our love for each other will never fade. I know you feel the same way and I do trust your love.



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