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The Mirror of BayanMall’s Uprising Success

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I thought I was a princess, and my grandmother was a queen known to all. I thought we had a kingdom, that we own many riches and gold. It felt so real, but reality poked me out of my fantasy. I felt betrayed and fooled, but I know I myself was guilty. Somehow, I want to escape the responsibility but there’s a greater part of me inside to give back what was not mine. To return all the praises and appreciation the one who truly deserves it.

This desire prompted a heart to do good, to create a better way to lend a hand to those who are in need. This realization was the stepping stone of the now uprising BayanMall Online Shop which advocates to help Overseas Filipinos to reach their loved ones in the Philippines.

For once in her life, that princess thought everything was a luxury. Whenever she wanted something, she knew she will get it by all means. But what she didn’t know was that behind the privilege of comfort was a loving old lady, ready to lay her life for her family and that was her grandma.

She lived in fairytales while her grandma was fighting against the terror of it. Not until she decided to follow her ‘lola in the States, where she found out the truth that was concealed to her for a very long time. The life she imagined her grandma had was just a very far illusion from what she saw with her own naked eyes. She witnessed how her grandmother despite of her old age tried her best to work and earn a living for them. Far from what she envisioned, her lola was not in a formal corporate world. Instead she was working on two blue collar jobs in the St. Louis and was only renting a single small bedroom from a friend’s house. Instead of having a luxurious life, she found out that her grandma was living a very humbling one.

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Thus, this awakened the sleeping consciousness of that girl towards reality. She felt her heart crash upon seeing the real situation. Pain and guilt consumed her after realizing how self-centered and insensitive she was way back then when all she did was extravagantly use the money from the extreme hard work and sacrifices of her grandma. Yet, she didn’t allow these to hinder her from doing the right thing. She knew there’s still time for stepping out of the box and make a move. With the love and sincerity pondered in her heart, she made a way to give back the help to people like her ‘lola. With her pure intentions she came up with a brilliant purpose and idea; to construct a way for OFWs to help, connect and communicate to their loved ones in the Philippines on a much easier way; wherein OFWs can send their family’s requests and necessities directly rather than sending them money. With this new system, they can assure themselves that their help was really used for the intended purpose. It will also be personalized, so that a gift no matter of the price will be more precious as their loved ones would receive it.  In this way they can budget their money well because after all, life in both sides is tough.

Indeed, as Bayan Mall Online Shop is sailing forward today not just for mere business but also for millions of dreams. Dreams of OFWs around the world that someday they will be much understood by the people they left, with open minds and hearts. For in BayanMall, every transaction is an equivalent of overflowing love and affection. Every request and order is a reflection of their longing hearts and pure intentions.

As you would commit your trust to us, BayanMall Online Shop would also commit and assure you our liability and honesty towards you. In BayanMall we are one family, one race, one nation with the same hopes and dreams.

Don’t forget to spread the good news to your friends. Have a great day and enjoy your shopping!



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