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Love Team AlDub, Why Adore?

Love Team AlDub, Why Adore? | BayanMall

Love Aldub

Everybody nowadays adores the Aldub love team. They have been the most talked about couple since the month of July. They are even trending worldwide, especially in the social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. But have you ever find out what makes them so phenomenal and big. Let me help you find some answer why people adore them so much.

First, it is because we get “kilig as we watch them make some dubsmash and the “pabebe” wave. But I think it is on the cute smile of Alden and the reaction of Yaya Dub to him. Indeed, they had the chemistry of being lovers.

ALDUB love team

Second, it is because of the forbidden love concept of their story. I know everybody could relate when it comes to forbidden love. I bet you have one. The thing is that love grows when you fight for it and it is worth every effort for doing such. Just like what Mark Twain said, “The more things are forbidden, the more popular they become.”

Third, it is because of the uniqueness of the show. Who would have thought a noon time variety show would have a KalyeSerye portion in their segment? I guess, no one. Take note as well, the setting is done mostly in the barangays and it is a live show. Furthermore, the couple communication is through dubsmash and fansigns. That makes them distinct.

aldub love pair

Lastly, it is because of their great actors. For me, Wally Bayola deserves the credit much. Without his role as Lola Nidora, there will be no conflict. I believe you can’t deny the fact that every time Wally switch to different roles, you can’t help yourself but laugh. There is something in him, especially when he begins to act. Don’t forget as well Lola Nidora’s two sisters. Having them both makes more of the show fun. Of course our dear Yaya Dub is such wonderful, particularly when her lips move. The way she does it makes her more beautiful and attractive.

I know there is more reasons to it but I hope you are satisfied with my response. One thing for sure is that we love them and will still continue to support their love story. I believe there is still more to look forward to that show. We love and adore AlDub!

Love Team AlDub, Why Adore? | BayanMall



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