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A Great Idea to Live in Davao City

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Developed. Abundant. Vigorous. Attentive. Ordered.

Live in Davao City

These are some words that will always define Davao City and its people.

Vicinity crowded with the ever enthusiastic Davaoeños and visitors with smiling faces. A city where in its native products was being sold and exhibited especially on special events. And a city where in its lovely flowers and different kinds of fruits were displayed everywhere.

Davao City isn’t just known to be one of the most safest city in the whole world. It is also known as one of the law and order city that ever existed. The city has the lowest crime rate in the country. It is because it is held by the ever radiant Mayor “Digong” Duterte, the most feared public official. He is in fact, very influential all around the Philippines for the good things he has done for the betterment and maintenance of the city.

Live in Davao City

Another thing- Davao has lots of things that you can do around it. There, you can find startling resorts like Loleng’s Beach Resort and many more where you could enjoy not only your summer vacation, but anytime. It is actually an advantage to live in Davao for it is the only doorway that will lead everyone to Samal Island. For about 10-15 minutes, you can already step on the paradise with your family and friends.2

Live in Davao City

Davao’s resources are surely kept and maintained. The spots like the People’s Park, Philippine Eagle, Eden Nature Park, Davao Crocodile Park, Jack’s Ridge, Gap farm and Museum Dabawenyo, were as always breathtaking and attractive.

Davao also has big shopping malls like the three Gaisano Malls, SM Lanang and SM Ecoland, Abreeza (Ayala Mall), NCCC and Victoria Plaza. It is less traffic in Davao and its roads and malls were bigger compared to other cities around the country.

Davao is also full of restaurants packed with delicious recipes that will never ever fail anyone when tried and tested. Those are the Kusina Dabaw, Nanay Bebeng, Jerry’s Grill, Yellow fin, Kuya Ed and more.

Live in Davao City

Davao, as always, is abundant with home-grown fruits like Durian, Rambutan, Lanzones, Marang, Mangosteen, Pomelo and many more to mention which satisfies everyone’s visit and stay. Consider also the street foods like kwek-kwek, chicken skin, siomai, tempura, takoyaki and barbecue along with its buko juice which you would surely enjoy especially when you’re really eating it on the street with everyone.

The city can provide you the most beautiful life you could not ever imagine. Not to mention the safety that it could offer to each and everyone. In Davao City, you can take pleasure in the ultimate quality and quantity of life at a very low cost. Everything is affordable whenever and whatever you want to get. Your life is easier and more enjoyable under the heat of the sun.

A good start would be choosing the best homes located here in Davao City.

Philippines is undeniably an interesting country but of course, we cannot always say that a place is almost at its perfection not until we stepped on its most astounding area.


So what are you waiting for Go, live in Davao City and see how it works!


Indeed, Davao- Life is Here.

Live in Davao City | Bayanmall



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