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Lie And Lying, Why Shall Not Do?

Lie And Lying, Why Shall Not Do? | BayanMall

the boy who cried wolf-lie

One of the fable of Aesop is the story entitled “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”. It is a tale about a shepherd boy who make fun of the villagers. He tells them that there is a wolf who pursue the sheep. The third time he shouts, nobody believes in him. Because of what he did, an English idiom came out. Today, “to cry wolf” means “to give a false alarm”. Basically, from this story, we can get a moral not to lie. Why should we not lie? I’ll present my reasons by using the fable.


One and obviously, you can hurt others feelings. Like the villagers of the story, they went complaining and disciplining the boy to not frighten them by telling there is a wolf. We can imagine them that they are disappointed with the boy and, of course, angry with him. The boy just wasted the time and effort of the people to try to help him. Worst, it shows that the boy is disrespecting the villagers. Next time when you lie, think of what will happen to the people that surround you? By doing this, you can avoid lying and prevent the damage of your bad action.

addicted to lying or lie

Two, you will become addicted to lying. At first, you will feel good in doing so. Like the shepherd boy, he finds it very amusing in tricking the villagers. That is why he is tempted to do it again. In short, telling a lie will lead you to another lie. It becomes now a part of you just like an addictive substances influence us. As you do it often, it will be hard to break.

lie result to not trust anymore

Lastly, they will not trust you anymore. This is the hurtful part of the consequence of being a liar. Like the boy at the end of the story, nobody comes to rescue the sheep. Why? Because they don’t trust him anymore, even though he tells the truth. Do you want this to happen to you? Then, stop lying! This can break friendship and relationship with your loved ones. May we have the courage to tell the truth always.

Lie And Lying, Why Shall Not Do? | BayanMall



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