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Lechon in the Philippines: A Fantasy Turned Into Reality

lechon in the philippines

“Hmmm, sarap talaga ng lechon tay!”…. “Akin na lang ‘tong balat”… “O dahan-dahan sa paglamon ng taba at baka di kayo amtunawan niyan”… “Hahaha…”

This picture happened in my life way back when I celebrated my eighteenth birthday. Unlike any other fortunate girls out there, my celebration was simple and plain. In fact it was just a small family bonding, with my parents and 3 sisters and brother. We had no budget for extravagant celebration, so we just memorized all the delicious food we would like to eat at that time and created a picture oif it in our vast imagination. We picture out spaghetti from pancit, cake from bibingka and lechong baboy from the four pieces of pritong pirit that just fitted enough on the last one hundred peso bill in my father’s wallet. I didn’t feel bad for I was aware of our situation. We are not well-off and lucky enough to buy those delicious foods such as my favorite lechon on that special occasion. Yet the memories and bond we shared together, all the laughter we had as we memorize our favorite food became our riches and treasures in life. From that day on, I promised myself to work hard and give my future family a comfortable and convenient life. To have a lechon in the center of the dinning table in every celebration that will come in our lives,

“Kainan na!”

lechon in the philippines

This famous line in Filipinos can be pictured out from a traditional Pinoy handaan. It is the favorite and most awaited part of the party wherein each pair of hands and trembling stomachs are excited and eager to grab and get their portion of their favorite putahe and deserts. Filipinos are fond of eating fatty and oily food such as the common, famous and most requested lechon in the Philippines. Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao whichever part of the country you may be, there is no exception to the craving of lechon. It is usually served on big special occasions such as fiestas, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and many more. If you will notice, it is always the center piece of the table; magnetizing every senses of a person who passes by the hapagkainan for it gives out a simu’t sarap aroma from the different rekados put inside before setting it under the burning coals of fire. Aside from the smell and taste, it also made a hit to Filipinos because of its size which can feed a large number.  No wonder in not less than 10 minutes the lechon can no longer be seen on its place. By that time it is already distributed to the plates of all the people in the party.

Thus, unfortunately during these days our country is affected by the global crisis. All the prices in the market grow along with the rate of lechon in every ‘lechunan house. As a result, most Filipino families who live on the average and below seldom have and prefer  lechon in the Philippines on their special occasions and celebration to lessen their expenses.

Lechon in the Philippines

OFWs who work abroad to give their family a better life also wish to let their loved ones experience a full blast party celebration, that will only be complete with the presence of lechon in the hapagkainan. However, they don’t have enough budget to pay for the lechon and the expensive delivery services. Now OFWs don’t need to worry about this for they can avail lechon for their families in an easier and affordable way. Within a minute transaction and ordering process, their favorite ‘lechon’ in the Philippines can already be prepared to be delivered and served to their loved ones. In the newest Bayan Mall Online Shop, they can buy ‘lechon online and have it delivered whichever part of the country with no delays and just on time. Don’t allow your family to just memorize the taste, make their imagination become reality and let them savor the malinamnam taste of lechon in the Philippines today!

Though lechon is not an original Filipino food, but lechon in the Philippines out stands other countries’ lechon. For the lechon here is cooked and made with genuine joy and overflowing love.

  • “Thanks to Bayan Mall for my dream before has now come true. Though I am far away, I can still fulfill and keep my promise to them of a handaan with lechon on their birthdays and other special occasions.”


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