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Laglag Bala Scheme and Precautions

Laglag Bala Scheme and Precautions | BayanMall

laglag bala scheme

As the issue of “laglag bala” (dropping of bullets in luggage) arise, many travelers began to be scared, especially the OFW. Others, offer help to those who will become victims of this evil tactic. While, known individuals make a threat to those responsible of this action. Honestly, I am glad to hear their voice so that this scheme will be prevented. I remember what Elie Wiesel declares. He expressed that: “We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented”.

whistleblower laglag bala

We should make this known to the whole world. I am proud of the whistleblower for having the courage to expose this incorrect way to gain money. Obviously, this is not good because it involves dishonesty. It only destroys the image of our country. I sympathize for the foreigners and our fellow innocent “kababayan” who suffered in this scam. Their honor and dignity has been harmed and could not be returned. What makes me sad is that this modus operandi had been done a long time ago and still not been given a solution.

plastic wrap luggage laglag bala

The “laglag bala” trick is also known as “tanim bala” (planting of bullets in luggage). If you are trapped in this scheme, here are the things you should do. Take the advice of Plazo to choose a hard-case luggage sealed with heavy-duty padlocks and use luggage without external pockets. In this way. You can know if your luggage have been altered. Dave de Castro announced that a new service to wrap travelers’ bags is now available at the airport terminals. So, avail with this product and don’t hesitate to add it to your luggage.

remain silent

The most important of all is take your time, even if there’s a claim that a bullet has been found in your bag. Remember what Plazo said, “you have the right to delay the opening of your bag until your lawyer, the airport official’s supervisor, or third-party witnesses arrive.” After that, let the airport official do the searching and opening of your bag. If they found something, then just remain silent. Don’t admit anything. Let us pray that this “laglag Bala” or “tanim Bala” will be over soon and people behind this will be caught.

Laglag Bala Scheme and Precautions | BayanMall



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