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Journal, A Way To Remember

Journal, A Way To Remember | BayanMall

Remember, a simple word that denotes recalling our past experiences. But why should we remember? Because remembering has a purpose. You may reason out that you have a low memory. Let me tell you “knowledge carefully recorded is knowledge available in time of need”. This is from Richard G. Scott. In short, we have to write it. I mean all our learnings, experiences, and feelings as well should be written in a journal. What is a journal?

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A Journal is a record of your daily events in life. This could also be considered as your diary. Have you heard about “The Diary of Anne Frank”? How about the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”? I’m sure you did. They are cool, right? Yet, what benefits you will get in writing a journal?

One, your posterity will know about you. Isn’t great? Even though you’re already dead, your great grandchildren will still know you. You are like teaching them some principles in life as if you are physically present to them. It’s like you’re making an autobiography.

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Two, you will learn more to appreciate life. You will feel grateful always as you consider a divine intervention from God. Remember, always count the blessings, not your worries. As you do it, you’ll be surprised that life is good.

Three, you will feel relief. As you express your feelings and emotions in writing, you will be comforted. It’s just like you have a best friend that listens to all your woes and give you some advices. It is also like your giving yourself a therapy. You’ll gain much realization that leads you to solve your problem.

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At last, your writing will improve. Well, if you dream to become a writer like Stephen King and J. K. Rowling, this is a good start to enhance your ability to write. I believe that the best way to get better at writing is to just keep doing it. So keep updating your journal.

Journal, A Way To Remember | BayanMall



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