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How to Apply Day and Night Make up | BayanMall




There is so much to learn about make up, especially if you are a beginner. It takes a good amount of practice to be able to perfect your look and study all the ins and outs of applying make up. Most of us women actually need it when we go out or go to work. But did you know that there is what they call the day and night make up? Day and night make up are 2 totally different looks that you can transition to.

Day make up is usually light, natural and fresh looking while night make up is more dramatic and bold. Here are some tips on how to do both looks.

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Make up should be fresh and natural looking. For the eyes, don’t put too much eyeliner and mascara.  A little mascara will go a long way and will already be able to carry your daytime look. Try Eur Mascara for the perfect looking lashes. If you are not keen on using too much mascara, you may try eyelash extensions. Use eyeshadows that are light colored. There are so many colors to choose from when you use the MCOLove Champagne eyeshadow palette! Well-groomed brows are a must! For the cheeks, use a blush that is pink and light and will compliment your skin tone. And for the lips, a light colored lipstick like the Eur Biscuit color lipstick or shiny lip balm will do the trick.


The night look is a much more sophisticated and dramatic look. For the eyes, use an eyeliner to make your eyes stand out. Use a deeper shade of eyeshadow or just enhance your eyes with a cats eye or a smoky eyes look. To achieve the smoky eyes look, use the Eur Eyeshadow Earth Angel Eyeshadow Palette. Choose eyeshadows that compliment your look – you may use darker colors or add a touch of shimmer to the eyes. You won’t run out of colors to use in the MCOLove Serenade Eyeshadow Palette. For the lips, a darker shade is recommended like the M&Co Brick Red Lipstick.

How to Apply Day and Night Make up | BayanMall