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Mother’s Day Rewind: Message and Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is a celebration to honor and express gratitude to the light of the home – mothers. This goes as well with motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. It is a day where the world usually gets flooded with flowers and cards. It is celebrated by more than 46 countries around the world, most commonly in the months of March or May. In the Philippines, it is officially celebrated during every second Sunday of May, while Father’s Day is during the third Sunday of June. How about you? Have you thought of how you can express your love for your Mom or the mothers in your life?

Although it is not a traditional Filipino holiday, Mother’s Day is one of those days where we should take time to pause and give tribute to the exceptional woman or women in our lives. We all have mothers, whether they are biologically related to us or not, and they play a sacred role in our lives. It is a good reminder about the women who brought us into the world and the women who love us, guide us, and support us.

There are different ways to appreciate them and the things they do for us. Flowers, cards, cakes, and poems are the thing. If you live abroad and would want to send your love to your Mom in the Philippines, you can check out BayanMall.com for some of these easy and simple gifts.

What makes your gift unique and much more personal though is the message you want to deliver. Begin with the memories you’ve shared. There’s a reason why “it’s the thought that counts.” Memories play a huge role in making your gift unique and have that personal touch. To remember brings out the love, sincerity, and purpose into the gift you want. You may ask yourself the following as a startup:

  • What are the best memories/moments I had with Mom?

This can give you an idea what to buy or make as gift that will help your mother to remember and cherish that moment with you and tell how special it is to you.

  • What’s unique about Mom? Or how will you describe Mom?

This can be something that can represent your mom. This can also include her likes and the items in her current wishlist.

  • How has your Mom influenced you?

Check out this video from Teleflora for a better explanation. Prepare that roll of tissue paper before viewing this one.



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