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Halloween Costumes for Kids in the Philippines, A Click or A Trick?

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“Bweeheehee… bwuahahahaaa.. Trick or Treat! Heeeeheeeheehee…”

I remember before when I was in college when we tried to achieve a Western Halloween party atmosphere and we only ended up with a normal and ‘not-so-fabulous’ one. Having no enough resources and source of money I tried to recycle unused things and clothes in our house. And I just came up with the funny looks to be best described as ‘electrocuted clown’, while my other colleagues had their costumes made from abroad composed of leather and furs. Though it was fun for I became the center of attraction, but I can’t deny the fact that I also suffered quite a humiliation. And now as Halloween is fast approaching, I want my kids to have the best Halloween party experience ever. Unlike my situation before, I want to give them enough resources and sources of their fun and excitement. So that even if I’m away from them, happiness would still fill their hearts.

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But how can I send Halloween costume for my kids in the Philippines? Should I prepare my wallet for a great expense on it? Well, whichever ways it would go, a loving parent would do everything to give the best for their family.

We all know that Halloween is not traditional to us Filipinos. Most of us prefer to visit the tombs of our loved ones who passed away, allowing peace and serenity to remember them in those days. Some go on picnics inside the cemetery together with their relatives and friends. Yes it is fun but for kids who don’t understand the whole thing, it might not be that interesting. A place filled with colorful decorations and stuff is a whole lot more appealing to the minds of the young ones.

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However nowadays, Halloween party is slowly being practiced in the country. But the concern of many is the resources they have for costumes and props to create a horrifying atmosphere. Would it be possible to bring the perfect Halloween costumes for kids in the Philippines? Would it be a click to the trend and a trick to their pockets?

Unlike in our country, Halloween costumes are commonly prepared and made available in Western and foreign countries, which gives an advantage for our Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who have their kids left in the Philippines.

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They can now extend their Halloween experience from their work places towards their loved ones. It was made possible by Bayanmall Online Shopping. This was created to give OFWS the convenience to send and give the best of their love to their families and friends. This Halloween, Bayanmall is selling Halloween costumes and products such as candies and toys for their children to taste the sweet and fun sensation of the upcoming party. Aside from the fact that it is not time consuming, they can also save a whole lot more of their paid expenses. For it is free shipping expense process to be delivered in a short span of time.


What are you waiting for? Transact and avail our sales and promos! Let your children enjoy the terrifying and fun Halloween feels in your hometowns.

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