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Gilas Pinas, We Are Proud Of You!

Gilas Pinas, We Are Proud Of You! | BayanMall


Everyone is a fan of a basketball, especially the Filipinos. They cheered the team of Gilas Pinas in the 2015 FIBA Asia Championship. This tournament is organized by FIBA Asia. It’s now their 28th year. The host country is China. The venue of the game is held in Changsha, Hunan. The winner of this tournament will qualify for the FIBA Basketball World Cup.

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In the preliminary round, the sixteen country is divided into four groups of four. Gilas Pinas are in the Group B along with Palestine, Hong Kong, and Kuwait. On September 23, the Philippines was lost to the Palestine with the score 73 against 75 but on the next day, September 24, the Gilas won against Hong Kong. The Philippines earn the score of 101 while Hong Kong got only 50. Luckily, on September 25, Gilas emerges victorious in opposing Kuwait with scores of 110-64. This lead them to qualified in the second round.


In the second round, there are now two groups. Philippines is in Group E together with Iran, Japan, India, Palestine, and Hong Kong. Gilas faces the Japan on September 27. Gladly, they won with the score of 73-66. On the next day, September 28, the Philippines encounter Iran. Fortunately, they are again victors with 87-73 score. When September 29 came, the Gilas opposing team India was defeated by 99-65 score. Their winnings lead them in the quarterfinals of the game.

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In the quarterfinals, the Philippines faced the Lebanon on October 1. Gilas won with the score of 82 against Lebanon with 70 scores. After that, The Gilas encounter the Japan for the semifinals on October 2. Again, they emerge successful with 81 against 70 scores of Japan. This lead them to fight China in the final round on October 3. But sadly, the Gilas was defeated by China with the score of 67-78, respectively.


Personally, I really thought Gilas would make it as winners in 2015 FIBA Asia. They fought a good fight, but in spite of the result, we are still proud of them. Long live Philippines!

Gilas Pinas, We Are Proud Of You! | BayanMall



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