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Best Food Prepared on Christmas Eve

Best Food Prepared on Christmas Eve


Dear Mama,

Merry Christmas po diyan! Malayo ka man ngayon, kahit paano naibsan din ang lungkot ko. Salamat kina ate Sally, Junjun at Papa. Pati na rin sa mga kapitbahay nating sila aling Nena at Bennie maging sina Lola Tacio at Lola Teresita. Silang lahat ang nagpapagaan ng loob ko. Syempre, isama mo na diyan ang isang masarap at masayang handaan na sila ang kasama. Pero wala pa ring tatalo sa sarap ng luto mong hamonado, leche flan at syempre ang specialty mong pancit for long life!

Salamat nga pala sa padala at makakabili na kami ng keso de bola, rekados at baka kumasya na rin ang lechon. Ma, Masaya kami dito sana ikaw rin. Baling araw, magkakasama rin tayo muli at ngayon pa lang eh excited na ako. Sige ma, I love you! Ingat ka lagi diyan, Merry Christmas!



Christmas is one of the most awaited days in a year. Before the 25th of December everybody gets busy preparing their homes and place for a warm Christmas aura. During these days malls and market stores are surely packed up with many customers buying their Christmas presents and cards for their loved ones. Filipinos celebrate Christmas not only to refresh and have fun but most especially to spend a merry quality time with their friends and families. Aside from the gifts and tokens, what they always look forward to see is the bright and genuine smile of the people dear to them.

Thus, Filipinos are very sentimental but at the same time a big fan of delicious and tasty eating. Noche Buena or the Christmas Eve is an important part of the whole party duration. Or shall I say the part awaited by everyone. Well, who would not want to taste all the yummy and appetizing trays of Christmas food prepared in the Philippines?


Keso de Bola. Or also called as Edam cheese. From the name itself, this is a round yellow cheese coated with a red paraffin wax. It is one of the most requested variant of food during Christmas season. Keso de Bola compared to other kinds of cheese is just mildly salty, and has no smell at all. This cheese can be seen in malls and grocery stores sometimes packed in bulk. It is also often partnered with loaves of bread, peanuts and other sweet delights.

Ham. As most Filipinos would say, “Mawala na lang ang lahat wag lang ang hamonado at keso de bola sa handaan”. It is a famous original Filipino dish made up of roasted pork rinsed and cooked in the juice of pineapple, orange or better yet calamansi. Filipino dish consisting of pork cooked in pineapple (and/or orange, calamansi) juice. The ham is allowed to marinate for quite long to absorb the delicious and fresh fruit sap within its meat until the Christmas Eve.lechon-700x480


Barbecues and Lechon. These two are the part of the main dish in the Noche Buena. Barbecues such as chicken, pork, fish and hotdogs are quite a mainstream in every party food menu. Thus, commonly pork and chicken barbecues are prepared for Christmas. It is thoroughly marinated until it becomes tender juicy and ready to be cooked under the steam and smoke of fiery coals. Barbecues can be a great alternative for families who can’t afford to buy lechon. Lechon is known for its ‘worth savoring for’ taste and aroma. Filipinos always look forward to see this one whole piece of roasted pork. Though many can’t afford to buy it at its market cost, there are negotiable prices and alternatives for these lechon sensations.

Leche Flan. Leche flan has also been a part of traditional Filipino cuisines especially during Noche Buena. It is a custard dessert coated with egg and milk with caramel sauce on its surface. This sweet delight is known all over the world especially in Europe. Leche flan is also a perfect sweet present as we visit our loved ones during this special holiday.

Macaroni and Fruit Salad. After eating oily and meaty dishes, Filipinos tend to take the last portion of their meal. And that is none other than the sweets and deserts. Fruit and macaroni salad are just perfect to balance your appetite. The chunks and bits of fruits will allow the full stomachs to digest slowly and give a relaxing and vibrant feeling to the goers.

These are just some of the best foods prepared in the Philippines for Christmas. If you want to share your list of top 5 you can send us an email and let the whole world know. This Christmas, let’s make it memorable through giving it our best in preparing for the best!



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