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Behind The Life Of An OFW

Behind The Life Of An OFW | BayanMall

We always think that being OFW had a wonderful life. We envy when we see them post in a beautiful scenery like beach, Disneyland, or a beautiful park. We crave the food they eat, especially those desserts that we didn’t know. We also notice that they are always online. But have you really thought, what’s behind those pictures and smiles? I think, we don’t.

We even think that all of OFWs are rich. Would they even work abroad if they are rich or have enough allowance to support the need of their family? Do you know how many mouths, they need to fill-in? When they come back, do they have a luxurious house or a new car? Hopefully, the answer is yes, but the truth is, not all of them have that thing. They always send money and nothing is left for them.

Here are some of the things we don’t know of an OFW:

Life of an OFW

  • They experience discrimination and abuse, physically and verbally. Do they share this to their loved ones? Obviously, no. They hide their feelings that they are hurt and worst they endure it because they think of their family whom they left behind.

Life of an OFW

  • They work patiently of their strict boss and workmates who treats them badly. When they call, have you ask this question and can you even discern if they are really alright. Hopefully, you always pray for them particularly for their well being and safety.

Life of an OFW

  • They also get sad, weary, ill, and most of the time, homesick. Who will comfort and care for them when they feel this way? They need your support in terms of emotional and spiritual because they are alone in facing these circumstances. From now on,  make a habit to call them first and not wait for their call.

I know what I write is only little, but I hope this a wake-up call to all family who always ask money to their OFW. They are humans, not a bank. I am proud to all OFWs out there. Indeed, they are heroes in all times.

Behind The Life Of  An OFW | BayanMall



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